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I have been a customer of Amazon for years and one day a delivery driver (Amazon Logistics driver) got upset because I asked him to "please pick up the boxes and hand them to me" after he scanned them on my porch. I instantly saw he became upset and mumbled something under his breath.

He picked up the boxes and shoved them in my midsection with such force that it caused me to fall flat on my buttocks. One box contained a heavy printer and the second box contained copier paper. I was left on the floor shock and stunned at the behavior of the delivery driver. Calling Amazon at first they seemed as though they cared but that was a ruse.

When you request reimbursment for medical bills they will stop communicating with you. Emails to Jeff Bezos, Jeffrey Wilke, Kelli, Molly have all registered nothing. Spoke with a very rude Corrine or Carrine not sure of the spelling that work for Sedgwick, she told me that I was a lair and brushed me off. Amazon people only care about your money not your safety.

They employ drivers that are dangerous.

Ladies be careful. Jeff Bezos only cares about the millions he makes not the customers don't be fooled or hoodwinked.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Logistics Vehicle Driver.

Reason of review: Dangerous delivery drivers.

Preferred solution: Reimbursement of medical bills.

Amazon Cons: Being called a lair and being ignored as though im not important.

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Ms D

Amazon Logistics is really Wheels for Work and the owner Nick is one rude *** will not return calls what so ever when complaining about drivers. I think it is shame that all of this money goes into Amazon contracting out drivers instead of hiring their own drivers but I guess it ceases them from any liability.#WheelsForWork #NickVieira #futuretechllc