This company Amazon has to deivered your packages that you ordered through amazon has no clue on how to deliver,They are criminals that likes to picked up young girls in your community and they lose your packages. They come in your gated community with a run down vehicle with a big sign on the car saying package delivery and the workers look like ***.

Be Aware for your kids safety. Do order Amazon through Laser Ship.

Company Sucks and our community in Alparetta and the Forsyth area must be safe for our children at all times. Hoa involvement now

Location: Washington, District Of Columbia

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I have had a similer experience with LaserShip in my area (NoVa), I ordered a book, a textbook in fact, a fairly expensive textbook, from Amazon and it was delevered by this LaserShip company, I ordered it with my free 2 day shipping expecting to get it on the third day (as is usual with 2-day amazon shipping), well on the third day it was no where to be found, ate dinner, still nothing, 8pm came and went, nothing, then as I was going to bed I happened to look out front and what do I see but a book shaped box sitting on the grass in the middle of the front yard! oh, and it rainied that night....

I called LaserShip and they told me that it was delevered around noon, and that their employees are to ring the doorbell and are not ever supposed to leave a package in the yard (DUH!). I called Amazon and the rep on the phone told me that they have had many complaints about this shipper in the past and that they were reevaluating thier shipping Carriers.

Well a year later I order a (very expensive) Phone and guess who is shipping it.... we will see if they do any better this time...


2 Shipments, 1 address for both, for the 1st one ship carrier - UPS, for the 2nd one - LoserShip. The 1st one delivered exactly on time without problems. The 2nd one was not delivered due to "the driver is unable to deliver to this location without a company name/unit/suite/floor number". I agree, this was my mistake (but there was also a phone number, and even if I forgot to mention company name, how did UPS manage to deliver it?), so I called / emailed (many times) them and told the company name and even send link to google maps with exact location! Finally I was told that : "your order will be out for delivery again tomorrow 5/9/12.". Current date - 10 may 2012, order was placed on 3 may with 1 day delivery, shipment progress -

US 05/07/2012 4:32 pm On Hold at LaserShip.

I think this proves how LoserShip keeps their word. Also, imo, a very funny fact is that first shipment traveled ~600 miles and I also received mail about it, that: "package may not arrive on time due to extreme weather conditions or an unforeseen natural event". And guess what? the shipment was delivered by UPS exactly on delivery date! IMO, this greatly proves how much LoserShip sucks.

But amazon, actually did a great job, they replied and reacted very fast, sincerely, I didn't expect that. At first I was mad only at LoserShip, but after some googling, I understood that it's kind of hard to find at least a few positive review on this company, same thing even on their facebook page. But now I can clearly tell, that I will think twice, or even thrice before buying something on amazon. Of course, in my case, they did a great job, quickly replied, quickly reacted, sent a refund at the same day that I emailed them about my problem, but anyway, this is a lottery, I don't want to order something and find out that the carrier is LoserShip, so there are not so many chances that the package will be delivered on time or at least will be delivered.

In conclusion: I will buy next time on amazon only when they will offer a possibility to chose ship carrier, otherwise - sorry, I don't like lotteries. They said many times that customers feedback is important and greatly appreciated, but judging by the situation with the ship carriers (also read about A-1 ship carrier, looks like exactly same thing as with LoserShip), it's pretty obvious that there are some more important and more appreciated things than our feedback...


LaserShip (Woburn, MA) actually is a crooked operation. They have a real racket going.

Things seem to disappear between being scanned in at the receiving facility and being sent out for delivery.

hmmm... smells fishy


Idk they just rang my bell at 11pm 4times

shady van shady dude.

Looks like a criminals to me.


Load of ***. I have bought from Amazon for over a decade online and NOT ONCE have I had a problem. Something fishy here with the person posting this.


Not all areeas have this crminal organization (Laership).


i work for lasership and we all go trough a tight criminal back round check and drug screening. we also go trough training on the do and don't of delivery. anyhow what does it matter on what the they drive as long as it gets delivered, that might be all he can afford, do you judge the pizza delivery guy by what he drives, i bet you don't really care as long as its delivered...now you probably the one checking out all the little girls in your area...hmmmmmm i think i said enough.


I had a good experience. Mildred Rodriguez 18229, deliverd the package before the time.

I recommend anyone to use this company. Miami, Fl :)


you are just pissed because you got fired!!

grow up.


This clown obviously has his/her head up the ***


This is Complete ***. LaserShip is great and they have always been courtious and safe.