This Company is a Joke they hire a company called laser ship to deliver your packages and these people arrived in a old broke down vehicle, They do not come in a commerical vehicle I will be reporting this at the next HOA meeting here in Atlanta to keep these people out of our community. Iam told they have records and I had spotted a driver trying to talk to a young girl in the community going to the pool.

Do amazon know who they get to delivered the merchandise or it just about making our money and do not care who you send to our gated up community.

Laser Ship is a Joke and so is Amazon. People in ATL be aware they are Frauds.

Monetary Loss: $50.

Location: Washington, District Of Columbia

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The worst delivery service I've ever experienced. They claim to have attempted my delivery 20 minutes ago but no one was home.

The only problem is I am sitting on my couch five feet from the front door. Even worse is that this is the third time they have attempted a phantom delivery. I have not had a door tag left on any of my attempted deliveries and twice I have called customer service and requested the package be left on my porch which I was told would not be a problem. Yet I still have no package.

This is inconceivable to me I can't understand how a company can operate so poorly. Stick with UPS or FedEx!


Lasership delivered my package opened with masking tape covering the original Amazon sticker. The Amazon packing slip showed all three items in the box.

When I opened the box the most costly item was missing. This was my first experience with Lasership and I hope last.


LaserShip lost yet another Amazon package this week. The package stayed "in transit", stuck in limbo.

Amazon immediately sent out a replacement package, which is nice. Paying for next day delivery and getting the package 4 days after my initial order is not so nice. Waiting around and wondering "is my package late, or lost " is even less nice.

This has become a very common occurrence with LaserShip. When Amazon ships UPS or USPS I expect the package to arrive on time.

With LaserShip, I have come to expect it will not. Every once and a while I'm pleasantly surprised and the package does arrive on time. Most of the time it does not. Many times, it is lost.

I do most of my on-line shopping on Amazon, and receive several packages a week.

I do this for the convenience. I've been a very happy customer of Amazon, and as merchants they always treat me right.

But I'm going to start moving some of my business to other on line merchants. I don't have the time or inclination to deal with this.


It's obvious that Amazon needs to end their relationship with LaserShip. LaserShip is not a reputable company at all.

The tracking said it was delivered. I called and after OVER AN HOUR on the phone going back and forth between me, the rep and the driver, they finally delivered it to the right place. It's such a small town and easy place to find but I had to describe the building at least 20 times while the rep had me on hold to talk to the drive. Finally they got the driver to the right address and while the guy from LaserShip was handing me the package, he was on his phone telling someone "I left it there, that's where I left it!" when in fact, it was not left anywhere near my place.

In fact, he took it out of his car as he was telling this to someone over the phone. The delivery guy was pretty intimidating and rude too, standing in front of me and blocking me as I was trying to walk down the road to my place (the place where he should have dropped it off). LaserShip is really bad.

I love Amazon and their CEO Jeff Bezos is a genius, but they should stick to only reputable shipping companies. LaserShip is not a company that Amazon should be associated with.


I am an Amazon Prime member who rarely has any shipping issues. Most times, Amazon uses UPS or USPS for my orders.

But, recently they are using Lasership a bit more frequently. As other reviewers mentioned, there is this beater car who pulls up into your driveway and drops off packages in a mad dash. Yes, Mr. Driver, I do see you toss the package at my front door and run.

My last experience was so terrible that it was worth mentioning.

I paid for express overnight delivery. While Amazon guaranteed delivery by Thur 8pm, Lasership claims that the package is not considered delayd until Fri 10pm. I would assume that the policies should mirror one another between these two companies. Secondly, Lasership claimed to have the package and guaranteed delivery on Fri by 10pm.

And two hours later, the status of the tracking changes to "Seller input required." It turns out, no "Seller input" was required at all. The driver lost the package and that was that. Now, I'm in a mad scramble to find replacements somewhere in town.

Most importantly, Amazon told me that I can specifically request that they NOT use Lasership to deliver my packages.

I don't know whether this is well enforced or not; however, I would strongly advise you give Amazon a call and see if you can make this similar request. I hope it will avoid some major heartburn in the future for you.


I just received my package from Amazon via Laser Ship, it only took 1 day form SC to FL not bad at all. They were driving a new van as well and NO I do not work nor know anyone who works for them. Delivery hours are normal as with any other company if not shipping same day or 2nd day but shipping works around the clock.


Lasership is a horrible company to rely on. I have ordered an item one day delivery. They don't deliver even after two days. When called them they are so rude. Did Amazon not give your shipping cost back? When I ask them when they deliver my item, work 8 to 8. The reason is they don't have drivers to deliver the items on a normal day.


11/19/2013 2:55 pm Delay in delivery due to external factors

11/18/2013 11:02 am Out for Delivery to Customer

11/18/2013 2:48 am Arrived at LaserShip Facility

11/17/2013 7:36 pm Shipment information received by LaserShip



i hate lasership so much. i only had to deal with them since i moved to marietta,ga cause their company place is actually on my road.

These people do not do their jobs. They are suppose to be a delivery company right?

Why have i never seen them at my door? but i get numerous packages shipped through them, not my choice by the way.


I know what you mean I had laser ship deliver to me twice so far.. both times was prime.

The first time it was a day late and when I check on the package they had down it was attempted to be delivered but no one showed. The 2nd time was today.

I ordered a Kindle fire Hd 8.9 and they just left it at the front door with no knock or anything. Worst company ever.


I'm an Amazon prime member, so I always ship 2 day or 1 day. I've made about 100 purchases in the last 3 years.

7 of those were shipped via Lasership. Of those only 4 ever arrived.

The rest of my purchases were shipped via FedEx,UPS,or other carriers and they all arrived on time. Conclusion - Lasership really sucks.


Lasership is *** aweful. I would pay EXTRA to not use lasership!


People of atl are generally vagrants and low lifes to begin with


Excuse me?? Think you have the wrong idea of the comment vagrants .

Sorry bud but ppl in atl don't beg for money as referring to ordering over the Web like huh??

Prb never even been to Atlanta and If so you must have met the 6.1 million people that live here too right lol god I hate people like you who are so censorious to everyone . Sorry but it nerves me .


Had a box of whiskey glasses shipped to me from Amazon using Laser Ship. Guy rang the door bell once, waited about 5-10 seconds, and then opened the building door and threw the box in on the floor.

You don't throw packages. It's not rocket science.


Hi, I ordered a kindle paperwhite on Sunday early this week. I am a prime member, so Amazon promised to have it delivered on Wed.

I wasted my whole day looking for this kindle because I will have a flight back to Vietnam on the following day, and i am totally disappointed in Lasership's lateness. I contacted Amazon customer service, and they can do nothing to help me out. Instead they asked if I want to have my order cancel. I asked them keep delivering asked a friend of mine to pick it up at my front door.

This is a pain in the butt.

I trusted Amazon, and now they let me down. Hopefully, they will end the contract with Lasership which is not trustworthy at all.


Joke, 2 weeks latter and still no delivery.... don't use these guys


Definitely a joke. No idea how much Amazon is losing in revenue with these folks, but to guarantee 2nd day delivery and then claim they lost the item...only after I inquired where was it, makes you wonder.

They even had the gall to e-mail Amazon themselves (an hour after I called them) to tell them they lost it. Unfortunately, Amazon's system "randomly" assigns a carrier based on your location. I told them under no uncertain terms that my replacement item would not be shipped by these people. I'm an analyst and did my own background tracer action and concluded that someone in their laurel office stole my item.

My replacement is being shipped via UPS and my earlier shipping fee is being refunded and the overnight is being shipped free. BTW, I am sure someone is making a nice kickback from insurance from "lost" items.

Maybe someone should notify the FTC and FBI about these folks. Mail fraud and money laundering come to mind.


Lasership SUCKS! Close down already!

Go away! Never received my product even though on my account it says Delivered. HA! Amazon gave me a full refund after my first email though.

Now they need to stop using this company! I will probably avoid Free Super Saver shipping and ordering directly from Amazon because I don't want to get Lasership!


Guess what? I never received my 2 expensive audio equipment packages but said it was delivered at exactly 4pm.

I work from home and I have a view of the front door. No delivery. I live in a quiet neighborhood and have had hundreds of deliveries - this is my first incident and it was with a company that I never used or heard of before today.

Terrible! Forget calling LaserShip - Call Amazon to replace your order.


I have only had them deliver to me twice and both times they claimed the package was delivered but I never got it. Had to call Amazon and have them resend with a proper delivery service.

It seems like it depends on who has the route you have. I hope the driver is enjoying my keyboard.