amazon only know satisfy their buyers

and totally pissed off individual sellers!!!

they give different return rules to amazon individual sellers and them,

they give very horrible return rules!!!!!!!!!

they not just holding the sellers money for 6 months!!!!

they just ask us post things and never care if the item is posted back or not

they will refund money to buyers as long as they use the a-z complain

i hate amazon

i will try to setup same website and kick their *** off!!!!!

amazon only sell books before, they then added amazon market place,

they learned many things from individual sellers, and when they learned it, they closed market and doing business themselves!

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Account.

Monetary Loss: $6000.

Location: London, England

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Report this to the Better Business Bureau. If enough of us that were scammed by Amazon's Bull *** A to Z Guarantee report this crime, maybe the BBB will take notice.

It takes about ten minutes to file a claim.



I'm honestly not sure how Amazon is still in business. They rob you blind if you are a seller!

There is really not much you can do about it and there is nobody to complain to.

As a buyer you can practically do whatever you want and even if you are obviously wrong about any issue, Amazon will still back up the buyer.

It seems like a government type of business. It makes no sense that they are still in business because what they are doing is completely illegal!


I;m a little *** and my mommy made me suck her *** for a long time which damaged my brain.. that's the reason why I am such a pathetic little ***.


What made Amazon very popular is the AtoZ claims so that whenever buyers buy a product and then file a claim anytime by lying about the product, Amazon take the money from seller and give it back to the buyer without the seller's consent. That's how Amazon succeed as a big business and that's why more buyers shopped on Amazon than on any other sites.

However, Amazon is losing more sellers every day because of these unfair practice of their account suspension even for no reasons and for holding their money for 90 days.

Buyers need to know that nothing is free and Amazon should have enforced their policies correctly before they even gave sellers the privileges. Sorry, but I do not recommend Amazon to anyone at all.


If you think his English is bad, you have never had to decipher an e-mail from Amazon's customer service. :roll


Amazon will get shut down very soon! They are completely clueless on what they are doing, they are robbing sellers, and they offer no special services.

Why would anyone want to buy or sell with Amazon. Amazon is horrible!

They are ruining the online market. They are ***!


Amazon is by far the worst website for sellers and/or buyers. They are absolutely terrible!

Try contacting them as a buyer and they have no idea what they are even saying. The make no sense. I dont even know where to start but I can defenitely say that I would never purchase from them nor sell with them EVER! Even eBay makes them look like idiots!

They will get shut down very soon...What trips me out the most is that most of the Amazon customers are rich sofisticated people.

I thought they would be smart enough to realize that not only they are NOT getting the best deal, they will get horrible service with it. Weird how the world works.


this lady is absolutely correct(poor english or not) and when she says "post" she means "ship" the item.

Amazon should be shut down and the executives all jailed.

Amazon make bernie madoff seem like a sweet puppy. amazon is the mafia of commerce.

thats the truth, the whole truth and so forth



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Good luck with your site, you'll have a hard time enticing people to sign up in that broken english. *** give us the link, I'd like to see it, I could use a good laugh.


What a ***. You made absolutely no sense whatsoever.

Amazon is a great company. I am sure your web site is gonna hurt them.


Maybe if they could understand what the heck your talking about they would be more helpful. You are taking a hatchet to the american language and thats enough the *** off the pope.

Do yourself a favor work on your English and i think you may get more help in the future.

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