I just got an email from Amazon saying that they won't post the only negative review that I have ever posted. I referred to the fact that one of the reasons that Jeff Bezos is one of the richest people on earth is the fact that Amazon scalps cleaning items.

I paid for what I thought was a Multi-pack of Lysol cleaner that usually costs about $3.99 at Wal-Mart. I paid $13.99 and was sent one bottle of cleaner! I said that I will never buy cleaning products from Amazon again and I will now look to do more of my shopping elsewhere. I was told that I need to focus on the product itself and that if I had a problem with the seller to go to www.amazon.com/feedback When I went to the site there was no way for me to leave a review regarding my purchase of Lysol Cleaner.

I have learned two things from this experience: 1) Apparently Jeff Bezos needs the $10.00 that I was overcharged for this product worse than I do. 2) Apparently we should never DARE to say anything negative about the MIGHTY AMAZON!

We need to find better places to shop, I now only shop here if it is absolutely necessary because of limited shopping opportunities due to Covid and I can't find the product that I am looking for anywhere else online. When the world gets back to normal someday it will be time to find other places to shop and dump these people.

User's recommendation: Don't buy cleaning products on Amazon!

Location: Oceanside, California

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