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I ordered an item to be used to make Thanksgiving dinner, which was to be delivered by Wednesday via 2-day delivery promised by Amazon Prime (just for clarity, I live 15 minutes from Amazon's Hebron, KY hub) . I tracked the package to the hub on Wednesday and it said it would be delivered to my home by 8 pm that evening.

After 8 pm, I call Amazon and they said they would look into it and call back first thing in the morning telling me what time it would arrive that morning. I was fine with that - Thursday morning would be no problem. No such call was made. By mid-morning I called again and the customer service person said they were going through a systems upgrade and they could not help me - the tracking now says to be delivered by Sunday.

Another Thanksgiving disappointment - thanks Amazon. Don't buy Prime if you are intending to use it for expedited delivery.

Amazon does not live up to their promises, nor provide an expectable customer experience. Buyer beware - if the item is important to you, buy from a real store where you know you will have the product when you need it.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Amazon Cons: Customer service, Logistics capabilities, Delivery service, Broken promises, False guarantees.

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You probably cannot blame Amazon, because they rely on the delivery company to deliver their products. They use USPS alot now and we all realize how inefficient that government agency is!

You can find out how it was supposed to be delivered by going into that particular order and it will tell you who is supposed to deliver it.

Remember, today is a holiday and probably no company is delivering today. Bad delivery is becoming more common with Amazon due to their reliance on others.