I ordered 3 small items from Amazon. Two arrived quickly.

The 3rd has yet to get here. When I check on the status of it, I learn that it is coming from another source and the link to check on the shipping status gives me basically an "I do not know" response. Amazon tells me to contact the seller. The seller, as far as I am concerned, is Amazon.

Their failure to live up to their reputation and my prior experience with them is very disappointing.

It make me think Amazon is no longer the right place to shop. Hello, Target!

Monetary Loss: $15.

Location: San Mateo, California

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@paul, the best customer service costs $$$. So Amazon in their wisdom turned to a cheaper solution.

All their Support is outsourced, located maybe in India or G'd knows where. Be grateful if they even speak English. Most of the time they copy & paste replies, oftentimes wrong as they go by a single word they recognnized in the email. Like u send them email with a word feedback in it, but it was about a totally different subject altogether, and boom ur getting a canned response, we cannot remove this feedback.

Their CEO's have to pay their bills, too.

'Nuff said.


Tidy's wrong. This is not ur fault.

You're the BUYER, remember this. A buyer is always right, or so it goes with the reputable places of business. ^ ^ Do NOT buy from Amazon ever. Amazon should take responsibility for their seller which they obviously don't, so off u go to the greener pastures...

^ ^ Whoever posted that thingy that Amazon is right & ur wrong, must be havin a conflict of interest here lol. Nice try.


Okay what happened to ur 3rd item is that it was coming from a Drop Shipper. That means that the seller u thought u purchased it from, didn't have it in their inventory, but was selling it for some other company as a middleman.

That other company in turn didn't have it in their inventory either, so they ordered it somewhere, and God knows when u will receive it if ever. ^ ^ If I were u, I'd give a negative feedback to the seller IMMEDIATELY. This will get their attention. Simultaneously file A-Z claim which will get ur money back.

^ ^ All this is the seller's responsibility, not yours. So do NOT contact seller any more. U done ur due.

Do a neg feedback & the A-Z claim, this will deliver a strong message. U need to teach em a lesson !!!


You have to be smart about your purchases. This is not Amazon's fault, it is yours for not reading or understanding how you are spending your money.

Amazon provides a platform for many sellers to sell their merchandise which in turn, provides customers like you a way to compare the absolute lowest prices. However, if you are not a smart customer, you will buy from a seller that may not ship quickly or who may choose the slowest delivery option (USPS instead of say, FedEx). It's really your issue to be informed before you make a purchase. This is not Amazon's fault, it's yours.

In the future, I would suggest that you only purchase items that are owned by Amazon directly (or fulfilled by Amazon) so you can guarantee that you get your stuff when it was promised to you.


Amazon routinely kicks sellers off, confiscates their goods, and doesn't and keeps the money. I know, because they did this too me and countless others.So if they kicked the seller off, for no reason, kept your money, (which actually belonged to the seller), that's the reason many times.

You can check the internet, many have been nanned, for no reason, with good feedbacks, and the appeal process is a joke. Taking someone's money, and the customer not getting the merchandise, is caused stealing. Amazon is a thief!

Tell everyone and spread the word. Amazon, you will burn!!


OP and "Margaret" shouldn't be shopping online. They obviously bought from 3rd party sellers, NOT from Amazon.

When Amazon says to contact the seller, that's because the seller sold the item. The walmart incident was someone dropshipping an item from Wal Mart.

You could have found the same thing if you were comparison shopping. But you never looked on walmart, you looked on Amazon and were ok with the price until you saw the invoice.

Amazon has the A to Z guarantee program and feedback for idiots like you two that want to pass all responsibility onto someone else, in this case, the blame would go to the seller, not the fools who can't be bothered to pay attention WHOM they are buying from.


Johnyarley , when you purchase from Amazon if you look on the details page of the item you are wanting it will tell you if it is sold and fulfilled by Amazon or a 3rd party seller. Amazon lists for 3rd party sellers. For items not sold by and fulfilled by Amazon you would need to contact the 3rd party seller as you were directed too.


I purchased two Aroma Rice Cooker, Amazon charged $68.99 per unit. When I received my purchase the packing slip coming from Walmart shows $37.54 per unit.

I double check the Walmart website and my purchase model etc and found them to be exactly the same. Called Amazon, only thing I can get from customer service is "it is seller's mistake", "the unit is not the same", "the packing slip is incorrect", never check to see if Amazon made a mistake. Furthermore, when I told the customer service, that I will return the items since I don't want to pay almost twice the amount to Amazon and I was told that I will have to pay return shipping. I explained that I did not want to return the items but I am not going to pay twice as much for them.

But everything I said is being ignored like he did not hear me at all. Amazon can't try any harder to loose customers, not even sure they cared.

I do believe Amazon is not a retailer I want to do business with anymore. :sigh


Amazon has been going down hill. I have ordered in excess of 20,000.00 from them.

TV's, computers, pool supplies, everyday household items (shampoo, razors, ect) no more either takes to long, arrives damaged. They had the best customer service items were replaced on the first phone call now it is nothing but hassles.