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Amazon.com removed the page containing my company’s refund/return policy online and replaced it with their own new unconditional A to Z Guarantee without notifying us, then overrode us, issued bogus refunds that should not have been granted and charged us for them.

I found this out when I received a request for refund from a woman who had received our product nearly three months earlier. I responded to her request by citing our refund policy which was displayed on our company policy page. She responded that no such policy was listed. When I looked it up myself, I discovered that our policy page had indeed been removed, and replaced by Amazon’s A to Z Refund policy. I was never notified about the change, nor told that Amazon’s new policy would replace my company’s personal return policy. Our policy stated that refunds would be accepted only within 7 days of the customer receiving our product and then only if the customer had an allergic reaction to it: we manufacture customized skincare and unlike buying speakers or a shirt our products cannot be reused, and certainly not refunded after being used/kept for 3 months. We sell a product sampler for a nominal fee that allows buyers to sample each of our products before they purchase full sizes. This was stated clearly on the policy page that Amazon removed without our permission.

I contacted Amazon about this, and was given the run around. I finally responded to the buyer directly and granted her request for a refund because it was not her fault that Amazon removed the terms of the sale. However, I did not authorize a refund of the shipping fee. In fact, I closed my Amazon account that same day because I am tired of all the problems we encounter on a daily basis in dealing with this company. Today I received a new email notifying me that my decision had been overridden by the Seller Guarantee Team at Amazon, and that they were refunding the shipping charges to the buyer as well, in spite of my protest. Amazon maintains access to my credit card and bank account, even though I closed my account with them. Their rep notified me that there is no way for me to remove my credit card information from Amazon. This essentially gives them carte blanche to continue to charge me for whatever they see fit.

This company is totally out of control and doing whatever they please with no one keeping them in check. Communication with them is next to impossible.

The Amazon customer service team seems to be comprised largely of non-native English speakers who hang up on you when they cannot understand your request or how to spell your email address. They do not return calls. They often neglect to make a record of the case number, the reason for the call or even document the call itself. The level of accuracy they provide about Amazon’s business practices varies from rep to rep, with most reps insufficiently aware of how things work at Amazon, resulting in a lot of bad information being given out. Earlier in the year when I called to question the details of my professional sellers account, the rep told me that I had been misled about which type of account was most appropriate for my business, and that I had been overpaying Amazon for years. She recommended that I downgrade my account. What she neglected to tell me is that in doing so, Amazon replaced our company’s shipping policy without notifying us – thus enforcing a maximum allowable charge of $4.99 per package for shipping. We as a company cannot even buy discounted postage from USPS for this low price, so we incurred a loss of almost $4 for every order we shipped to their clients. This is ridiculous. The only entity really making money on Amazon, is Amazon itself.

Amazon’s hiring practices are already well-known. It is time to reveal their unethical business conduct to the public at large. I am outraged, and will continue to report their shady activity until everyone hears about it. I seek a refund as well as reparations for the countless hours I spent contacting and re-contacting Amazon’s seller support teams, my level of frustration in dealing with incompetent employees, and my requests for justice ultimately falling upon deaf ears. Apparently greed has no limits for this company. Shame on Jeff Bezos and Amazon.

Reason of review: Fraudulent business practices.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Amazon Cons: Overriding vendor policies without notice.

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Very interesting. I like Amazon and am pleased at their return/refund policies, but then I am not a seller but a customer.

I can see where you are coming from and it would appear Amazon is more inclined to just believe every customer's complaint than to protect their vendors. In your case, I would just sell on your own website if you have one or create one if not. You are in business to make a profit and selling thru Amazon won't allow you to do that.

The problem is that so many people now automatically go to Amazon for just about everything and thus Amazon gets to dictate the rules for you to follow. Good luck with your business and I hope you do well.