Amazon is a Fake company. A road side Panipuri waala in India is more Trustworthy than amazon is.

Serious Allegations -

Amazon and Sellers Misguided me and make a fool out of me in the name of investigation. For days they kept on circulating me in e-mail Loops, agreed that Product will be Picked by Fed-ex and refund will be immediately credited, but neither the Product was picked up in the time frame provided neither the Refund was given and suddenly by ignoring all the evidences that the protein delivered is fake, the case was terminated against me just because seller was saying that the product is not Fake. This Confirms that amazon doesn't works based on evidences, but on blind statement from one party and that is seller. To keep you Posted I send the images of protein delivered that didn't have Importers hologram/sticker and lot number was almost deleted. Importers sticker is a one important and mandatory parameter(of many) to check the originality of the Protein whether it is real or fake/duplicate.

The case was closed by someone who was probably suck of wine or perhaps didn't bothered to get into detail and superficially studied the cases partially and terminated the case against me. This confirms amazon supported seller in selling the Fake Products. At one point of time it appeared as if the dispute was moving a in a positive direction. Amazon agreed as soon as the Product is out and away from my premise the refund will be immediately granted and seller agreed that he has arranged pick up on June-20-2015 but the Picked up didn't happened and suddenly Amazon took the U turn and said I am not protected under A-Z guarantee. It looks Like a school Boy fight. It doesn't appear that something serious is in the business at-least customers health and customers money is not a at all a serious business for profit mongers Like Amazon. This is a Video Proof - http://screencast.com/t/Ryzx117Q - from Ashish Paul from resolution-in@amazon.in, which also confirms that return pick was being arranged by the seller, however no pick up happened and that was merely a cunning maneuver from then seller. Another proof of confirmation of refund from the amazon - http://screencast.com/t/3cMqaixFb

Here is another Proof that reverse pick up was arranged by the seller, which was supposed to be done in 2-3 days. today is 6th day it didn't happened even today. Video proof - http://screencast.com/t/0ehVdoU1

Another proof where Refund was confirmed by the Amazon Customer Chat Support - http://screencast.com/t/ZZdc5mQCKnu

Why do Multiple Departments of Amazon has conflicting opinions and conflicting way to come at conclusion. One department agrees to the fact that fake protein was delivered and this is not a normal case of Purchase, Return and refund. This Video snapshot will prove what I am trying to say - http://screencast.com/t/l8tAp4Ayihti

Before I Start typing my grievance let me list who are receiving this email.

Top Amazon Executive -

jeff@amazon.com | Jeff Bezos

gregg@amazon.com | Amazon Vice President.

amit@amazon.com | Ceo Amazon India



I never knew that I am shopping from e-commerce dacoits, a day time robbers, probably this is the new definition of Amazon or perhaps the real definition of Amazon. RobZon

Let me first summarize.

I purchased a gym protein from amazon, but I received a Fake Protein. It was Dymatize ISO whey 100 fake one.

You will ask How did I knew that this was Fake Protein.

There are few parameter used to gauge the genuineness of a Protein. Importer Sticker with Hologram and Lot number.

Lot number should have been inscribed on the plastic Box, but that was printed in blue Ink and that too almost 80% deleted.

Importer Sticker with hologram was absent.

I communicated the same with Seller with Images.

Let me summarize the Chronology of Events -

I spoke to Chat on Amazon informing all these things and the Refund was Promised

I escalated to Amazon that this is not a normal case of Return, but a Fake product was delivered. Again they Confirmed me over an email that they will ensure that this is investigated and do not repeat in future, and promised me over an email that refund will be issued.

Seller Promised me as soon as I dispatch the return at the same instance he will issue the refund, but i insisted that it is not my Fault to arrange a return Pick up, finally he agreed on 20th June 2015 that he will arrange a Pick up withing 2-3 Business days by FedEx, but that didn't happened.

When nothing was moving i escalated this to amit@amazon.com | Ceo Amazon India.

Strange, did you know what happened when something was in process, but on 24-6-15 I received an email from amazon -

Thus, we determined that you are not eligible for an A-to-z Guarantee claim as you did receive the item you ordered. Your Guarantee claim for order 171-9244287-6157968 has been closed.

Great Enough,

Amazon, India has the License to sell Fake health product on their website.

They also have the License to Promise that the refund will be issued multiple times through chat and email communication and then suddenly write an email some day and terminate the case suddenly, after being promised by amazon and seller that refund will be issued.

Amazon also has the License to hallucinate that the product was delivered as described on the website, for them a Fake product is identical to the real product.

Amazon also have the License to come to the conclusion ignoring the valid proofs submitted by me in the form of images that confirms that Product was not genuine as it was lacking Importers Sticker and clear Lot number.

Amazon also has the License to shake hand with seller and his maneuver to embezzle clients/customer Money. The seller seems to have been quite experienced in selling Fake protein and embezzling customers amount. He kept me engaged in the chain loops of emails and misdirected me. he also send a fake news that the Pick up has been arranged by fedex. In all this he deliberately passed the time and somehow with Joint Venture with amazon, embezzled my fund. Amazon was involved this conspiracy as they didn't allowed me to post the review.

Disputes are resolved based on evidences, but amazon has the License to ignore the evidence and arrive on self infatuated conclusion when they send me this reply - "Thus, we determined that you are not eligible for an A-to-z Guarantee claim as you did receive the item you ordered. Your Guarantee claim for order 171-9244287-6157968 has been closed." For them a fake product that has been mimicked to look identical like a genuine product is considered as correct product delivered as displayed on their website.

Some Bullet points that are very Important to be Noted -

A-Z Guarantee process was initiated by Amazon, but they themselves said it later That I am entitled for that?

Is it a school Boy fight? or something serious is going on here.

I am putting some excerpts from -

cs-reply@amazon.in | Thu, Jun 18, 2015 at 6:29 PM

"I'm extremely sorry to hear that you've received the fake product. I can completely understand your disappointment. This is not definitely Amazon standard of taking care of customer's. I request you to please give me a chance to resolve this issue."

"We appreciate that you've contacted the seller and the seller hasn't response to your satisfaction. Please don't worry about this concern, I'll surely help you with this."

"Customer satisfaction is something that we take very seriously and would never compromise under any circumstances.

In our attempt to serve you better and retain you as one of our valuable customer, I've also contacted the higher authorities and filed a complaint about your fake product you've received."

"Hence, necessary actions and cross checks have been made at the appropriate team and I would like to tell you that the problem will be fixed."

"Since you have experienced the major issue, we are taking extra measures in order to prevent this issue from occurring in this order. "

This is the Most Important Excerpt -

"On a more personal level I don't want you to wait anymore for this issue to get resolve, so I've directly submitted an A-to-Z Guarantee claim on your behalf for "Dymatize Iso 100 - 5 Lbs (Gourment Chocolate)", order #171-9244287-6157968. Your claim will be approved, reimbursement will be credited directly to the same payment method used for your purchase. "

Amazon Compromising Customers Life and Health ___________________________________________________________________________________________

I dont Know on what basis this email is persistently written -

Hello from Amazon.in.

Please note that Amazon.in Guarantee policy only covers:

1) When the buyer provided payment to the seller, but the seller failed to deliver the item.

2) When the buyer received the item, but the item was materially different than as depicted in the seller's description.

The seller has mentioned that this item is not fake.

Thus, we determined that you are not eligible for an A-to-z Guarantee claim as you did receive the item you ordered. Your Guarantee claim for order 171-9244287-6157968 has been closed.

Thank you for shopping with Amazon.in



Account Specialist

A-to-z Guarantee Program


He is a so called Account specialist, but he doesn't know anything about the proceeding of the case? Is he suck of wine or he is an *** hole who doesn't pay attention to rigorous details.

Such a casual attitude for a health product, a fake protein may even cause cancer to customer.

I need an explanation on what ground this so called Account Specialist claimed that seller is right when seller says that this product is not fake product, does he has some telepathy that he came to my home entered into the box and did some forensic experiment? Or he has some divine eyes that he can see the almost deleted lot number. Or he is the representative of Supreme court of India or he is license to pass verdicts ignoring real evidences?

Is there any thief s in the world who says I am the Thief or is there any murderer in the world who confess that he is the Murderer - On what ground this *** accepted the statement of seller - "The seller has mentioned that this item is not fake."



I need an explanation on what ground this so called account specialist ignored the evidences in the form of images and concluded that seller is right.

According to seller, hologram/sticker should be there on the top of the cap, but is not there.

I am re-attaching those images that was shred to seller on amazon message board.

I have also attached new image of the sealed product with today's Times of India newspaper to confirm that the new image is the at-least and the product is sealed unhampered. [Sealed Box with 25June2015 Newspaper.jpg].

Seller character is quite clear that he is cunning and tries to make money by selling fake products and thus compromising health of the customer for their small monetary goals.

He is a cunning man, fedex is a great company just like DHL, if he had initiated any pickup for reverse pick up Fedex must have done till now its been 6 days since June 20 2015. he is quite experienced in making a fool out of customer and he knows how to get rid of customer after selling fake products. With that said from onwards I bear no responsibility that i will be able to safeguard the product beyond this point as seller has failed to pick up the product.

Reason of review: Fake Product delivered amazon Protecting the seller in India.

Monetary Loss: $119.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Amazon Cons: Return policy, Biased towards customers, Poor delivery service, Compromising customers health.

Location: Noida, Uttar Pradesh

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Hi, I also receive a fake Dymatize product from Amazon, when I called the customer care, the lady said that nothing will happen to you as many customers are consuming this product. She also said that the money will not be reimbursed to you.

This is serious issue and should be escalated. Please let me know if there is any way to take this complaint to the next level.


There is just too much dumb to even begin to formulate a response that your intellect can process, review, and assimilate.

You caught Amazon red handed!

They are actually a branch of the Illuminati specifically designed to bilk you out of less than $150. If it weren't for your investigative prowess and keen wit the world would be ignorant to this utter travesty.

I think the actual problem can be found by you walking over to the nearest mirror and taking a nice hard look. Hope that helps!