Amazon is holding over $1,000 of my money for NO reason. The say my account is under "review".

I've done NOTHING wrong, not one thing. I sell on ebay, have my own website, I'm on the dotmed top 100 company page and they still won't pay me my money. Will I ever get my money? Does anyone know?

I have sold several things through amazon, all of which are on my website. I shipped everything to the customers immediately with great service and a perfect product.

Will I ever get my money back? Or have they stolen it from me?

Location: Beaumont, Texas

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amazon been holing money fro 7 months now , without any reason , until this time that am typing this msg i still didnt get my money back , they are holding 2633 dollars for no reason, and they always ignore the seller


You should write the FTC, BBB and your state attorney and file a formal complaint. Don't forget to contact Amazon's state attorney in WA and file a formal complaint with them as well.

Amazon allowed this company to be scammed by someone who had buyers remorse and then punished us for it. We were at 99% rating and 1 complaint dropped us down past 70%!

Amazon doesn't listen to sellers, only buyers. This is because Amazon believes every time a Amazon buyer scams a seller it's easier to get the money from the seller than the buyer.


Hi everyone, even if this thread is old, i'd like to add up that amazon is holding our money TO INVEST IT!!! Our money is an INTEREST FREE loan.

They really are thieves. I have to pay an 8% interest on my student loans while they pay nothing on theirs.


Amazon who holds your money are bilking you, seriously. They are taking advantage of other people's business and they suspend account for no reason.

I have been falsely accused on Amazon in 2011 for something I didn't do and guess what? They held $8,833.00 for a total of 120 days.

I have not, and will NEVER do business with that company again. Amazon is a big rip off!


I have the exact same problem


I just paid $75.00 for a book on amazon today Nov 22, 2013. They say I'll get it anywhere from Dec.

20 to Jan 14th, 2014. They are not just holding the money of sellers. Their is absolutely no reason it should take that long for the transaction to occur was my first thought, but then I remembered a scam that was organized around the fact that it takes up to 3 weeks for a bank to finalize a transaction.

My guess is the delay is due to excessive scams occurring at Amazon. To bad that their buisness model is being flushed down the toilet by criminals, I don't think I'm going to order from delayazon again.


Amazon is holding my money too - over $1000. All my shipments have been delivered.

What we need is a class action lawsuit.

Amazon will never get until that happens. Paypal now gets it because we had a class action lawsuit.


Amazon clearly states that if you wish to use their website to sell your goods then you AGREE to their terms which clearly say that Amazon will hold your funds for 21 days before they are released to you.

Why does Amazon do this? To protect buyers from some seller coming onto Amazon, listing $10,000 worth of electronics in one day, selling them all in a few hours and then taking the money and never shipping anything to the customers.

Internet fraud is everywhere and very easy to get away with. So Amazon has to prevent scam artist from being able to list a bunch of items and steal the money then run off.

Now the Number One way to get Amazon to freeze your account is to open a brand new account, then immediately start selling a whole bunch of expensive stuff such as $3000 in one day, yea that's a Major Red Flag.

The main point is, if you want to sell on Amazon.com then you Agree to the terms of use. If you don't agree with the terms of use then Don't sell on Amazon. They make the rules because it's Their game.


Please try not to be so naive. Amazon is a multi-billion dollar a year monoloth with no competition to speak of.

They screw with small sellers simply because they can.

The company has lost the intent of the rules they made and now only operate to the letter of the law (and many times they violate their own policies on holding funds and in 48 states their internal policy on funds retention is illegal).

Wake up and smell the greed in the air...they simply are taking interest free loans to save money. Corporations are not 'people'...they only want us to see them as such.


Shut the *** up. It's obvious you work for the company. Bunch of *** crooks.


***, then obviously you have never tried to sell anything on Amazon. They stole $3600 from me with no reason why.



Amazon is holding my money too, about 3000$. I agree, this is illegal. I am at weshudsonsr@gmail.com. File with the FBI, FTC, and Wash St attorney General's office.

They are a scam.. All good positives for me..

and they hold my money. They are professional thieves.. that all it is.. They should be sued by every state attorney General and prevented from doing business in the respective states. the US Attorney General should get Involved. An Investigation should be launched, and they should pay all restitution with penalties and interest. Also I think a fine of 5 Billion dollars would be a good place to start.


Amazon has over $4500 of our money. We sell more expensive products and they've been holding it for over a month.

We're totally pissed with this and in the process of consulting with an attorney for this.

With our amount hiring an attorney made sense because they're promising that Amazon is going to lose in trial (because they have before for this same reason) and are going to pay very nicely to settle due to damages to our new company. We're looking forward to this now.


were you successful? If so let me know which attorney you used because I need to find one that will take these giant crooks down.


I'm now over two months into the so called "review", and amazon is still holding my money. It's obvious at this point that amazon is a complete scam for sellers.

They probably allow a few sellers to operate and they steal from as many as possible...like me and you. It's so upsetting an unfair.


You should contact this attorney , she may be able to assist you.


Still they are holding my money. This company is a total scam.

I don't know how they can get away with doing this. I have sold thousands of these products through many venues including our own company website, ebay and more. They're just holding the money for no reason.

It's a scam. It's been over a month now.


They are holding my money too! It is around a $1000 also. I have tried to call them and talk it out but, all they could do on the phone is give me an email address for seller support. I sent them an email explaining the situation and I have not heard back. Its been a little over 24 hours now.

I have always sent my packages promptly. In fact the two orders that make up the $854 they are holding, were shipped around two weeks ago and both buyers left me excellent feedback. So obviously it is a confirmation the buyers have received what they paid for and are satisfied. I have a 100% feedback rating. I only sell my personal items every once in a while, so I do not do it to make money. The amazon representative on the phone said it would take 21 more days for me. My money is supposed to be disbursed in a couple days. I am screwed because of this.

What makes me more upset is there is nothing I can do about it. I have called twice now to speak with someone that only has the ability to read protocols from his computer. No one I have talked shows any ability to actually help me at amazon. There is no reason they can justify a reasonable explanation for holding that much of money.

Please let me know if you had this issue resolved yet. i would love to hear an update on your situation. Thanks


Amazon has had my over $4000 and now they tell me that I need to give them a valid credit card so they can deposit my money in my checking account. Somebody please explain why you need a valid credit card to deposit money in my checking account.