Amazon send me an email to inform me that they have closed my account due to a violation to their company policy.

I responded the email, requesting an investigation on WHAT policy did I violate ?

NO ONE fm Alliance responded to me or ANY ONE fm the Customer Service will help me resolve this.

Amazon disrespect seller and they do NOT care or even to admit that they may make a mistake on my account. At least explain what is going on. But Amazon decide to ignore their sellers.

FTC should look into Amazon's pattern on closing seller's account!


Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $5.

Store Location: San Francisco, California

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Amazon Seller-Performance are FRAUD. They do not respond to requests for help and assign tickets to support and support says we can do nothing it is Amazon Seller-Performance who can tell you what to do.

Between them, you are one bad A@@ seller if you question why you are not getting any help.

The other day, Amazon bug caused no handling days to be reflected and some customers were unhappy leaving negative feedback because it took me 6 days to do the handling, Amazon Seller-Performance suspended my account indicating that as one of the reasons too, and support refused to remove the related feedback, and it have been a week and have not heard back of when they expect to resolve this bug!


I have similar problems. So far I have sent them 24 items for fulfillment, ALL 24 have mysteriously disappeared, I have UPS tracking receipts that they were delivered. The first shipment goes way back to August 25.

Nothing from customer service except empty promises to ring back, even at supervisor level.

I am now in the process of filing a stolen property report with my local police station, asking them to forward it to the police station that handles Fernley, NV. I am also putting a case together for the small claims court for loss of property and damges.

I did consider complaining to the CEO but I doubt that will achieve anything.


Amazon did, of course, the same thing to me. Why do they act as if it is a privilage to sell on thier website.

If not for us, they would be nothing. Buyers have way too much on thier side. I had over a thousand feedbacks and about 6 negative ones.

That was apparently enough for them to close my account stating "a number of customers were dissatisfied" with my customer service. I spit on AMAZON.


They will pay one way or another...don't need a court either. Consumers want convenience but don't want to pay for it all to often. A vendor is not a shipping company and does not create the rates...just has to pay them...the consumer orders the product or service and will pay at some point all costs for their toys...


I agree and they did the same to me..... th ey havent paid me y et either

I think they will never pay


I agree with the writer of this article. They not only do not have respect to sellers but they rip sellers off.

There are crooks out there who will make a purchase from the competition just to be able to leave negative feedbacks (then turn around and re-sell the product bought). Amazon's A-Z guarantee is there to rip seller's off. Buyer's can't lose - they keep the product and Amazon will debit the seller's account. They will boot any seller without notice or investigation and it is true - they will not even re-consider or answer seller's complaints.

But guess what people? Sellers are still signing up and we keep on reading the articles of how much money they kept. So don't feel bad Yowa, they kept 10K of my money - supposedly for 90 days. Can't wait 'till it's up - if they don't pay me they will have a law-suit on their hand.

I will be very happy to expose them in public... I hope you will not let them get away with keeping your money either!