Amazon has been taking monthly payment from two of my debit cards cancel subscription and I want refund of all double payments. I received two different text messages that Amazon has processed a monthly premium of $13.08.

The sad part about it they processed pymts from 2 different debit cards. I'm still fighting to get the remaining refund owed. Since I called about this over a week ago, I just got another text message that pymts denied from both debit cards again..yes it should of denied cause I asked to stop processing from those 2 cards until Amazon refund my balance. I have spoke to 5 agents and still have not received my full refund.

Ask who authorized Amazon to debit pymts was told of you use multiple credit/debit cards for purchases that Amazon will use any cards on file to get premium monthly payments even if you did authorized Amazon to do that. So sad. No wonder why Amazon has to start paying their fair share of taxes..they should cause they been taking extra monthly pymts from customers. Please any Amazon customers paying monthly premiums check your financial statements could be double or triple charging on monthly payments.

I WANT MY BALANCE OF REFUND AMAZON. Nice company to shop thru but they are ripping customers off with the monthly premiums.

Location: Jacksonville, Florida

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