heard on the news and amazon webpage that people receiving government assistance will pay &6.00 a month and we will pay $11.00 a month. unfair as we should add to our fee of $11.00 another $5.00.

people who receive assistance, who is paying for that, us working people. and any purchases made at amazon we are paying for it. I am very unhappy about that decision and wish amazon would charge the same for EVERYONE. They have a good thing going and I am going to rethink continuing to be a member.

If you can't afford the $99.00 a year for membership then do not join.

I work hard for my money I do not have it given to me. come on amazon think this through

Reason of review: discount on membership.

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Leave politics out of this thank you.


This is what people get when they continue to vote Democrat.


Entitlements breed entitlements. I don't think this is very fair to me as a Prime member either.


Discounted Prime membership for EBT holders? Well Bezos, if you want to give them another handout, pull out your own wallet!

Will be cancelling my Prime membership very soon!!

Living paycheck to paycheck sucks, yet I CHOOSE to purchase Amazon Prime as a perk to myself. Thank you for another inequity of being just another working class ***!