I am a busy mother of six-year-old twins. I intended to purchase three Amazon Gift Cards for $60 each for three upcoming children's birthday parties.

I wrongly purchased three Amazon Instant Video Gift Cards for $60 each instead. They were purchased at Ralph's Supermarket in Agoura Hills on Saturday, April 16th at noon. I caught this mistake within 15 minutes of purchase and contacted Amazon.com's customer service. I was told to return the Instant Video Gift Cards to Ralph's where they were purchased.

Ralph's store manager refused to refund my money saying that the cards were now activated and that all sales of gift cards are final. I then contacted Amazon.com to explain that Ralph's refused to refund my purchase. The cards are unused and I have the PIN numbers on the back of each card. I asked if these Amazon Instant Video Gift Cards could be cancelled and then exchanged for regular Amazon Gift Cards, or for a credit to my Amazon.com account.

I was told that they would "check" and respond within 48 hours. I received an email from Amazon.com's customer service (on Sunday, April 17th) stating that nothing could be done since the Amazon Instant Video Gift Cards were not purchased directly from Amazon.com. I then called Amazon.com's customer service this morning, Monday, April 18th, and asked to speak with a manager. I calmly and politely explained my situation.

The manager stated that I needed to go back to Ralph's. He hung up on me after saying "there is nothing we can do." This is unfair, as this is an Amazon.com product. I have not used the product (i.e., 3 Amazon Instant Video Gift Cards) and would like to return or exchange it. Nether Ralph's nor Amazon.com will honor a refund, return, or exchange.

I have always been so happy with Amazon's service and am very surprised by this situation. Please help me and thank you for your time!

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Gift Card.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Location: Los Angeles, California

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I may be mistaken, but I believe if you add them to your account they add to the normal Amazon gift card balance.


I dont know what planet you are from but gift cards are NEVER refundable. In the 15 minutes it took to realize your mistake, how is the store not to know that you didn't go out to your car and make a $60 purchase on Amazon Video before trying to return/exchange the cards?

You should have been more careful in your selection as it is your fault you now have buyers remorse.

Why not just give the Instant Video Cards to the kids as their gifts - they will surely enjoy the movies they will get to watch. Stop making a big to-do and blaming others for your mistake.