January 2018 I placed and order online. Bank Records reflect a 2nd Amazon charge which I did not make.

Started chat session and the rep confirmed my card and address was being used by another account who is not affiliated with me in any form. Chat session rep told me they couldn't issue refund with me returning the item! Calls to 20 plus Amazon Reps ago date have been met with lies, convicting stories and information, only a partial refund and no one can explain why it was partial or when I can expect the remainder of my money. Calls to corporate headquarters are a joke.

They won't transfer a call with a first and last name. Ok, a few minutes on google, call back with numerous names of executives and they still refuse to transfer a call. I have repeatedly been promised someone from the investigative team would be in contact within 24 hours. It's been 3 weeks and no contact just a flood of solicitation emails.

Email to Jeff Bezos one of 3 CEO's and founder of Amazon which contained several verifiable details regarding my identity and the offense have led to 2 replies insisting I contact Amazon through the email that is attached to the Amazon account that has been hacked. Meanwhile, Jeff Bezos ( @jeffbezos Twitter, jeffbezos instagram) is busy posting pictures posing by a glacier. Andy Jassy, ( @ajassy Twitter) the 2nd of 3 CEO's is too busy hanging out at the Sundance Film Festival reviewing indie films and rating them. One last thing, I pulled all of my forms of payment stored in my Amazon account when this surfaced.

Long after while talking too a Rep they mentioned an Amex card. I never told them about a Amex card and that's not the card that was hacked.

Says something about what information is being preserved in Amazons databases. And todays chat session with Amazon included the rep saying their systems are as secure and NASA and the FBI Politics aside, I don't think I'd be comparing anything about my organization with the FBI right now !

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Account.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Amazon Cons: Especially service rep making references to the bible.

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