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Ordered $445.83 worth of items, most high valued electronics (I.E.Beats Headphones/Samsung Blu Ray Player/ iHome) random suff that I really wanted but didn't absolutely need.

I place my order on 3/30, and all my items were 1 day shipping, except for 1 which I paid for the one day shipping on. 3/31 comes along and I am patiently awaiting my package (so patiently that I was looking out the window every 5 seconds). The one time I went to the bathroom is when my package was delivered. I bounce out to get my package and noticed that the supposed 17lbs package was more like a 5lbs package.

Then I notice that the Amazon tape had been cut, and resealed. Very suspiciously I open it to find 2 items, were in it and none of it was my electronics. All of the items were sent in the same package, and all of them said delivered. I call Amazon up immediately, tell them exactly what happened and what items I didn't receive.

The response I get however is absolutely mind f*****g. "Due to Amazons policy, we will not send a replacement of refund because once the package leaves the facility and is handed over to the shipper, it is then becomes the consumers responsibly." They then said that if I cannot get an answer from the shipper, to make a police report and if the police don't help, to contact them back and they will take action. So I do their suggestions, talked with the shipper (they insisted that they had no part in it), so then contacted the police. I live in Stockton, CA.

The police don't do anything here about mail theft. So I wait and wait and finally I contact Amazon. They verify my police report and I wish I were joking at least 5 representatives said Amazon would refund me, but I would have to wait until their threshold on the missing items was up. So after all the waiting and calling and trying to figure out what the h*** happened, and why my items were missing, I call back after 5pm.

I am then told that the previous representatives were wrong and that Amazon would not take any action. Disclaimer - I have all the emails everyone sent me about the supposed refund I would get. The passive-aggressive representative, after I told him (very respectfully, mind you) that I would unfortunately have to dispute this with my bank, responded with "Thats okay, all our calls are recorded anyways." What the h*** is that supposed to mean? Then he states he can no longer talk about this situation, because its being investigated.

Uhh okay, cause, you know, I DONT NEED TO KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON, even though I paid for items that weren't actually delivered. All in all - I just wanted the items I paid for, and if they could not be shipped back out then refund them. That was all I was asking. I didn't want the entire order sent back out or refunded because I did receive 2 items, but send a replacement or refund it for the stuff that's missing at least.

On top of that you put me through all the work of calling and doing my own investigation, and stating that you would refund me, to throw it back in my face that you weren't going to. Now don't get me wrong, I can totally understand that high value items are a huge loss when they go missing, and you have to replace them (when you want to). But I have been an honest consumer, who has been very polite and understanding, when I do have an issue with a package (hardly ever). I just wish you wouldn't have wasted my time, I could have reported it to my bank days ago, and they have backed me up, especially since I have all the proof that I have done everything in my power to find out what happened.

So to that one rep, go ahead and let them hear the recorded phone calls. It will show how much of an *** hole you are, and how I did everything I could. And to Amazon. I will unfortunately cancel my prime membership, and opt to not shop on your site, unless absolutely needed.

Otherwise I there is a lot better places, where I can spend my money, and actually get my package.In case you want to know, the shipper was Dynamex.

Review about: Dynamex Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

I liked: Ease of purchasing.

I didn't like: Customer service, Lies, Wait, Me putting my all into it, And then amazon not doing shit.

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