Amazon put heavy boxes directly in front of outgoing door in inner hallway. Blocking emergency exit to handicapped man on first floor.

Amazon never answered on this medium had to call them again. Amazon wont answer your call unless you get a code to put in phone. Got no where with customer service. They wanted me to call family or friends to have them move boxes out of way.

There was ample room in hallway to stack boxes or other side of hallway(2/3) that they could have been put.

Instead driver blocks only exit from front door, and Amazon doesnt care.

I asked them to send someone from their warehouse, less than 15 minutes away or send an Amazon truck to fix.

They never took care of. USPS mail carrier ran bell and helped move parcels out of way of exit.

Its a shame Amazon so disappointed

User's recommendation: Try and buy from somewhere else. Amazon has grown to big for its britches and doesn’t need to care anymore. They won’t even answer their phones.

Location: Chicago, Illinois

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