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To whom it may concern.

I have been a loyal customer for quite some time now. I am an employee of the (redacted)

With that being said my daughter is or was an honor roll student until recently due to one of your drivers here in Florida, who not once but twice deemed my delivery to a school as undeliverable.

As a Senior at her school, she was responsible for community service. This entailed having cat litter delivered to her school for donation to a local pet shelter.

Your driver caused my daughter to not fulfill her obligation, which in turn caused her to receive an "F" for community service.

This has now reduced her fr om a perfect GPA which forfeits her scholarship to (redacted)

My daughter has strived for 4 years doing dual enrollment and maintaining a perfect GPA to be awarded the scholarship to have it ripped away because your driver can not deliver a parcel.

This is extremely upsetting and heartbreaking for my daughter. This is a very bright beautiful and extremely intelligent young woman whose only wish in life is to become a nurse so she can help children as she wants to enter pediatrics.

As I stated earlier I work for the (redacted) I am a federal employee who can not afford to pay for college without her receiving the scholarship

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Amazon Cons: Never arrived, Bad service at all.

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Quit being a loser parent and lying about the situation. First of all cat litter could have been purchased anywhere.

Why order online and wait so close to the due date?

No way was a few bags of cat litter donation considered fulfillment of community service for a project grade. Your post makes no sense and there is more to this story.


to karla b. pot calling kettle black much?

this was the 2nd time it happened with 2 separate orders. That being said no looser parent here. i work my *** off just like my daughter. i deal with amazon deliveries every day.

they were ordered way ahead of time. first order in feb. second order in mid march. it took amazon 2 weeks each time to notify me they were "undeliverable" as to being purchased is a 4'8" 89lb peron going to transport them on the bus with them?

not happening. school asked that it be delivered...think before you speak


Great! You can sit there and feel superior and correct about the situation after her GPA and scholarship were affected. There were other measures that could have got the product to the school.