About 6months ago, I sold my ipad3 32g on Amazon. I shipped the package to the seller right away and 3 weeks later this buyer contacted me asked for money back.

And I shipped this package with minimal insured protect less than its value because I thought its not going have any problem. the problem was insured package not provide tracking information it was only signature required and because this buyer claimed it was not his/her signature. Therefore, amazon automatic refund my money back to this buyer it was $550

For this reason, I quick selling with amazon for awhile and recently I feel like maybe more or less it was my mistake so I got back to sell again. Unfornately, today I received an email from one of my buyer, her name is jenifer she sent me an email asked to return the package due to no longer needed and this was shipped to her on December 18 and today about 20'days I told her not accepted and she came back to file claim a-z and filed that item was not as describe and ask for money back.

I called amazon customer service to explain the issue of this buyer, and so disappointed that amazon representative told me " you have to let this buyer return because if you don't accepted return amazon will hold your money here to refund back to this buyer" and without doubted they held my money and ready to refund to this buyer. I told this amazon representor, I am just a individual seller here I can not afford to loss my money like this, this amazon guy did not listen what I said and he insisted that I have to refund money. I am so frustrated and disappointed this time I lost another $500.

I have paid amazon fee a lot of money and when I need them, they refused to protect me, it is so unfair losing over $1000 within few months, I am graduated with no job hoping to sell on amazon of my used stuffs to make a small income, so hopeless here. I am losing all the motivation of selling with amazon.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

Location: Lakeland, Florida

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Same here. Amazon has zero seller protection.


Read their policies before you sell anything. See what they say they do in their rules.

It is explained, the buyer was within the allowed time frame to do a return. One would think that you would have read and understood the terms the first time you lost $500 because you came back. Now that it has happened a second time and you are losing "motivation" to use Amazon, that means you will still use them. READ THEIR RULES!

One of those rules, most categories have over 30 days to return an item regardless of the reason.

Baby category has a full year. That's just ONE rule, now go read.