Buyers Beware: Purchasing hygiene products on Amazon gives you no protection for your money. I recently bought an electronic toothbrush from Why Pay More, a third party vendor on Amazon, and was very disappointed with the performance of the product.

I filed for a return through Amazon which directs it to the third party vendor. The vendor denied the return. I then followed up through the Amazon complaint center and Amazon stood behind the vendor. They have sold me an inferior product at a premium price.

DO NOT PURCHASE HYGEINE PRODUCTS FROM AMAZON. Your hard earned money is better protected at a local pharmacy. According to Why Pay More and Amazon If you open it, you own it. Regardless of the performance.

This and all hygiene products should not be purchased from Amazon. You are not protected. To answer the question Why Pay More?

Because you will have buyers protection. Pay the extra with a reputable company who stands behind what they sell.

Monetary Loss: $90.

Location: Glen Allen, Virginia

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