Amazon sends me yesterday morning 3/7 an email confirming my package is "out for delivery" when I track package a map pops up with a red dot for delivery destination and a blue dot for the driver whom they stated was only 7 stops away. That blue dot was stationay in the same spot for 6 hours and I never recieved my package.

I received an email that evening from Amazon oops sorry we couldn't deliver your package they give me a 3 day window now of when my package will be delivered and stated if I do not receive it by Sunday I should contact them. I can understand that delays in delivery occur what I'm perplexed about is the map with the tracking and the your driver is only 7 stops away. Why give me a *** map with *** dots so I think to myself well the driver is close so I should hang around and wait. Now this morning I received yet another wonderful email it's on the way look at the map see the driver they are close to you.

Rubbish! Now I contact Amazon customer service and ask them why about the tracking map and if it's not going to be accurate then maybe they should not use this feature or maybe fix the kinks to make it more accurate. I just get a generic answer that has nothing to do with what I have directly asked. So I asked again including that my question was ignored the first time.

I again get a generic answer that has nothing to do with the question I ask. It's frustrating that I cannot get a straight answer from them just a robotic response.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Customer Care.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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