AMAZON DELIBERATELY HOLDING ORDERS FOR THEIR PROFIT I purchased an expensive router, with Amazon as the supplier, with free shipping. I live in Southern, California, which is close to Amazon warehouses.

Shipping Details: Thursday August 10 2017 ordered item during night. Friday item not shipped - expected delivery date not shown. Saturday item not shipped. Tracking showed: Shipping date: Wednesday August 16.

'Expected' delivery date: August 17 to August 19. Item on hold from Friday August 11 to August 16. SIX DAYS ON HOLD!!! I investigated changing the order and delivery alternatives.

When reordering, there was an option for the item to be delivered SAME DAY for $9.98. I reordered the item (at 11:30 am Saturday) and canceled the previous order. Item is now 'out for delivery' at 5:50 pm on Saturday. Obviously Amazon is deliberately holding orders to penalize customers for selecting free shipping, and encouraging customers to pay for 'expedited' shipping and/or encourage Amazon Prime.

Deliberately holding orders to make customers wait, so that Amazon can increase profit is deceptive (as they do not explain this when ordering), bad customer service, unethical, and manipulative. Suggestion: Use Amazon affiliates when ordering products, if prices and terms are comparable. Alternately use a more ethical alternate supplier, that cares more about their customers.

Do not get bullied into Amazon Prime for $10.99 /month or $99.00 /year. Purchase the subscription service only if you actually want it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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Same thing here. I read somewhere that they are trying to force people to sign up for their Prime membership.

Those that refuse like myself because I think its unnecessay and a scam, are made to suffer by delaying our orders etc... Guess what! this is not going to make me want to open my wallet up and pay Amazon a *** dime for their useless service.

What it will make me do is to take my hard earned money over to Ebay and other online retailers who actually appreciate my business! Also I wonder what the FTC and General Attorneys office would think about Amazons Deception and attempts to Sabotage Loyal customers who refuse to submit to their demands to pay for their useless Prime membership by having our purchases held hostage.....


Amazon punishes customers who don't join prime, by delaying shipping recent order took two weeks to start the shipping process, go WALMART, two day shipping without joining a 99 per year club


No, they are punishing the Prime customers equally. There are three people on my street tonight whose orders did not come today and the same old canned reasons are being used.

This appears to be the "New Amazon". I'm all done with them. I just wish enough people to make a difference would cancel their Prime Memberships. The New Amazon is to get you to buy the item with the promise of two day shipping only to tell you later the item will be there in two days...once it ships.

That can happen anytime in the next two weeks.

But it will get there in two days once it ships. lol


File a complaint with the FTC and the State attorney Generals office. They are engaging in deceptive/Fradulent Business Practices.

They should not be advertising Prime as 2 day shipping and then delaying orders that is wrong! You should cancel and get your money back. There are too many other places to shop and Amazon is overrated. They used to be really good.

But now there are alot of 3rd party sellers and they dont monitor them as well as they used to.

I have received items that I payed more for on Amazon than I would have payed had I ordered new somewhere else only to find that the items I received were indeed opened, used, with yellowed packaging from sitting on the shelves so long etc... Their quality has gone down along with their Customer Service and apparently Ethics too.