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Update by user May 23, 2018

after my 3rd contact to amazon about their unwarranted deletion of my reviews and prohibiting me from any further reviews on amazon.com, i received notification that they reversed their deletions of my reviews and reopened my ability to review items on the site. i wrote them back thanking them but requesting to know what happened, why they did what they did given there were no reasons warranting the deletion and further review ban.

i have not heard back from them in a month and do not think they will respond. i am pleased that they rectified the issue.

Original review posted by user Apr 23, 2018

after amazon deleted all my 10 years of reviews, 99% positive, no policy violations, i googled and found this was happening to numerous reviewers.

the reason appears to be product sellers filing complaints against reviews that are negative about their products.

this turns the amazon website into a shill website publishing only positive reviews, or ones that their sellers have not complained about.

what got 10 years of almost all good reviews banned? ironically it was a review of merrell running shoes that honestly stated they were didn't have enough cushion for me. that was about 4 years ago. bizarrely, all my reviews were fine until at least a few weeks ago...but last night i went on amazon to write an extremely positive review about merrell's latest running shoe, the vapor glove 3...and found out i was prevented from doing so because of a 'negative relationship' with merrell shoes, due to my 4 year old review.

but when i checked for the rest of my reviews, they were all gone. nothing. so about a hundred of very positive reviews for products on amazon had been removed.

most of my reviews of products are inherently positive...i research items and get products i know have strong value. even if i find something i don't care for, it is stated as a personal difference. amazon basically has lost an honest supporter of their merchants.

i will no longer be writing reviews for amazon, and while one can't really stop being a consumer on amazon, i will work my hardest to purchase elsewhere, even if it costs me a few bucks more.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Review Listing.

Reason of review: stacked review process.

Monetary Loss: $1.

Preferred solution: restore my 100 reviews over 10 years of being an amazon customer.

Amazon Cons: Amazon reviews stacked with sellers deleting bad reviews.

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Of course you can stop being a customer of Amazon. Just don't go to their site. If you really feel the need to order something online, go to one or more of thousands of online retailers on the web.


yes...i plan to do that to the largest extent possible. amazon has some things that i will likely return for, but i plan to cut amazon use some 90%.it's clear their reviews are dishonest and stacked, so i will no longer research products by checking them on the website.amazon has a lot of customers that this is happening to as merchants try to skew reviews...this may be a sea change in the positive view i and many others had of amazon...this along with reported working conditions/pay at amazon.