I have made 469 purchases on Amazon... I have bought everything there for 6 years.

I always left a thoughtful review (all but 2 were positive), since I relied on others reviews to make a purchase. The reviews are the ONLY reason I purchase through Amazon. Yesterday, every single review I have ever left was deleted. I am also blocked from leaving more reviews.

I've emailed twice and called twice. No explanation, and no one seems to care. What a betrayal. A stab in the back.

I'll NEVER purchase through Amazon again unless I can't get what I want elsewhere.

My Amazon Smile charity is the NRA foundation, and my reviews were deleted about a week after the Florida School shooting. I think one of their employees did this maliciously.

Reason of review: They deleted reviews I had left.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Amazon Pros: Reviews of various products.

Amazon Cons: Arbitrary canceling of my account and refusal to explain.

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If the charity was NRA then I would have deleted it too.


They did the same to me. I had a prime and kindle subscription.

I had almost over a thousand reviews and tons of helpful votes. I didn't leave 4 and 5 star reviews. I left honest reviews on everything. Yesterday, I wasn't able to review nothing.

Still can't. All of my helpful votes and reviews disappeared. It is so hard to find honest reviewers on there. They are removing so many honest reviewers and leaving all the fake 5 star ones.

All of my hard work for nothing. My reviewer ranking is 8, 500 and something. All for nothing. I called and nothing was done.

They are saying it is biased. Which is a load of crap. I have given some items/books a five star review if it deserved five stars.

I cancelled my subscriptions and am currently looking for another book site to read on. I no longer trust amazon, and they won't be getting no more of my money!


I love how Amazon doesn't even send an email, they just ban you without a word.


All of my reviews are suddenly gone too. I've been a customer for years and years and suddenly they are gone, and the same reason is given. I don't get what's going on.


This just happened to me within a months time. All of a sudden I was having a hard time posting any reviews because even if they were 5 stars and well detailed they were being rejected outright.

Large batches of reviews I had spent my precious time on after kiddos went to bed.All of my reviews of over 14 years just gone. No communication or explanation, just deleted like the literal tens of thousands I have spent mean nothing. So *** them. I am never spending another cent there.

I have canceled all orders and I will be blasting this all over the internet. They are not trustworthy and they do not deserve my money.Hello google play and any vendor that isn't Amazon!


Same here, Walmart is a resonable alternative WITHOUT the exorbitant annual fee!


Keep blasting it all over the internet. I'm doing the same.

People need to know that Amazon are deleting genuine reviews by the boatload so it's simply not a safe place to shop anymore. Amazon is past its Prime.


I just went to review a rice cooker that I just purchased and the same...all my reviews 600+ of them are gone.... WTH!!!

I can't tell you the amount of money I spend on Amazon, I am an honest reviewer and have had the 1 star reviews whether the vendor liked it or not.

I'm really pissed over this. My rank was #1910 and I worked hard at this trying to review everything I buy, I even had 1000+ helpful hints...Oh well.


Someone might've thought you were posting shill reviews and reported you.


Nope it's just the algorithms amazon use to detect fake reviews are not fit for purpose. Looks like they got the tea boy or girl to write them.