I've been a long time Amazon customer so, its been really disappointing to see them have little regard for customer service anymore. I contacted them because I didn't get an order confirmation. In all the years buying from Amazon, I've never had that happen. As a precaution I also changed my password on my laptop. When I got on my PC later that evening and when to Amazon, I was automatically signed in - using the old password. So, I contacted them about both issues.

The woman that took my call said she would report my situation to tech support. I asked her when I could expect to be contacted to which she said, 'I would check your email often.' So, I checked for a day and then emailed CEO Jeff Bezos' office. I didn't expect my email to reach him, and the woman that did respond said she was doing so on his behalf. First, she said she tried to call me - I was home all day and have caller ID with Call Waiting - she didn't call. Then she says they for sure sent a confirmation and directed me to a plain text receipt at the bottom of her email. With regard to my account security, she tells me that while I may have been partly logged into my account, I wouldn't have been able to view personal information or place an order.

When I called the Amazon corporate office and asked to speak with her, they said they couldn't connect me to her. The female that answered said she could connect me to Customer Service and when I asked where that was, I was told that she didn't know, that she had a list of things to do and that based on my concerns, connecting me was what she should do. I told her that it sounded like she was going to connect me with the same customer service I started with a few days ago when I called and that it hadn't helped. I asked if she could connect me with a supervisor and she promptly hung up on me!

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Account.

Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

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My Kindle device isn't able to charge anymore. Online it says that Amazon is replacing these devices.

The customer service person I spoke with said I was out of warranty and all devices have this problem--not just Kindles. That is an outright lie. I would normally have bought the reduced rate Kindle, but after having the customer service rep.

lie, I have dropped Prime, Prime Unlimited, will not purchase another item from Amazon, and will completely drop Amazon when my Prime membership ends in February. I will probably go to Google.


Amazon Customer Service sucks than Susan Boyle's used tampon