I am sitting here writing this as I wait on hold with Amazon Customer Service. So far I have been all this call for 40 minutes and been placed on hold 6 times. I am now waiting to speak to a third person, hopefully one that speaks clear enough for me as a senior with bad hearing to understand!

I have Amazon Prime and the last time I made a purchase I was offered the opinion of waiting longer for my item to arrive and receive a credit of $5.99! I accepted the offer only to find out afterwards that the credit is only good for the Amazon Pantry! Which even if you have Prime the shipping on Pantry is $5.99, I have never used Pantry and never intend to as the items would be cheaper locally on sale using a coupon. I felt the offer was somewhat deceiving and called to complain. The first person I spoke with had to get all my information, name, email, address, zip code, phone number to then put me on hold and come back and repeat to me what I had told him when I called about the Pantry! I then explained I now was aware of the fact the credit was only God to order from the pantry and was of no use to me and had I realized that I would never had accepted the offer and waiting longer for my item to arrive. Then I was put on hold again for him to come back and again repeat the same thing! I am not sure if because it seems you always get someone with a heavy accent if they are at a call center overseas and have trouble understaning everything being explained to them in a second language to them, I do know as a senior with bad hearing I have trouble understanding them at times. After another hold and not getting anywhere I asked for a supervisor, after a very long hold I now got a female with an accent that basically did a repeat of the first guy! I then asked for a manager preferably someone that English was a first language that perhaps could understand me better and that I could understand better. After another very long hold the same female came back to tell me that their was no one available at this time and she would instead issue a credit I could use on a regular purchase (only being fulfilled by Amazon and not a third party)! Not sure it was worth the 52 minutes online nor the heartburn from being so wound up.

I purchased Prime and cannot use the movie part because I will not also purchase a Amazon Firestick, most often the items I want seem to be 3rd party and therefore do not qualify for Prime shipping, or are cheaper elsewhere especially eBay and I seriously thing eBay has much better customer service!

Amazon use to be a totally different experience I believe they have grown too much and now the products, service (especially customer service) has gone way down! Will I pay the cost for Prime again? Absolute not for what it cost and the few occasions I have used it and have not been able to utilize the "other" extras they claim come with it, it is not worth it!

Prime aside Amazon needs to start doing a much better job in general or they will go under!

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Anytime I contact amazon customer service I do it through their online chat because then I have an exact written record of what happened and I usually get through on chat right away.


You don't need a firestick to watch movies via Amazon Prime. You can stream directly to your computer or direct to your telly if you have a smart tv.

Or, best of all, but a Roku 3 for a hundred bucks or so and then get Netflix, Amazon Prime, and hundreds of other channels streamed direct to your telly via the Roku. Easy and cheap. No reason to pay for cable television anymore.

Find someone---friend, relative---who can help you do this, tho it is rather simple to set up. Good luck.