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My first review posted before finished but since January 14th my life has been shaken upside down by the actions of some Amazons' customer service and some supervisors as well. On January 14th a product I purchased off Amazon caught on fire in the same room myself and my children were in, and I have been dealing with shortness of breath amongst other issues, and we were told we could get compensation for the damages, did everything we were told to do so we were told to wait on an investigation for compensation for the damages.

I got refunded and offered a $100 promo NOT compensation (to be clear) only after I caught one of them in a lie and that was only the tip of the iceberg. I received an email on behalf of the CEO on January 27th pretty much that was not seen in my messages on my Amazon account like it should be and many agents said it was not real nor would I think any CEO a man of profession and a businessman would disregard my urgent concerns and issues my kids and I were facing at the time, they used that email as reasoning no compensation could be provided for weeks then told me to kindly ignore it but won't say why, and I've asked countless times. It has since happened again an email on behalf of the CEO confirmed fraudulent by 4 supervisors and numerous customer service reps and on top of that the email was a reply off of an email I sent customer service that same day That's when I started to notice my calls being intercepted because I was stuck talking to the same exact small group of Amazon employees every single time no matter what Amazon customer service number I called and these people have not denied it on recording and on chat several times and I have proof of that and absolutely everything I'm saying, or I wouldn't say it. I've been denied my rights and there's disability discrimination along with severe emotional and mental distress.

I am honestly traumatized. Some of my chats were deleted 2 days ago with an agent named Yolanda I was able to view my chat history and noticed they were deleted right after the conversation with her ended, and I can prove it along with the fact that my daughter her the R rated automation from the account help number I called when I got locked out of my account out of nowhere one day I could not believe it I called it 2x and sent Amazon a screenshot they didn't care nor offer an explanation, but later sent an email addressed to my daughter whose 7 regarding that incident but not mentioning any of the details and will not tell me why. That should never be a possibility none of it. Some of my rights have been denied I have never been mistreated so bad in my life it has effected me and my kids very much.

My boyfriend is a witness to the majority of this, and he is as well in disbelief and angry this is going on. I can't call into Amazon now I matter what customer service number I call. I have no voice with Amazon, and it is absolutely unfathomable to experience something like this.

These people are hurting Amazon tremendously. If Amazon had better customer service everything would improve overall.

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Location: Ashburn, Virginia

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You can print out chats before you leave them. I always do. Then they can’t delete your copy.