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I have just begun doing some intensive shopping with Amazon and I do understand what this individual is saying and can empathize to a SMALL degree. Every time I call Amazon, my call is answered in the Philippines.

To. get any fair AND/OR professional care and treatment you must immediately ask to speak to an American. You will be transferred IMMEDIATELY to a call center in the US. The reps in America aren't restricted to reading from a script like a robot, but actually DO provide EXCELLENT customer care and are willing and able to make concessions, even in the event of the most dubious of claims or complaints, AND FURTHER, they ask you if the offer they made was acceptable to you...

if not, they will make a more generous offer in most cases. In essence, they WILL make you WHOLE for ANY loss, real or perceived, and they go the extra yard by offering you the aforementioned concessions or bonuses and are clear about any restrictions that apply and they do so up front, at the time of the complaint call.

We adults need to learn a harsh reality, or two, in life and that is something, due to subliminal information and genetic evolutionary "adjustments," American infants are born with the inherent knowledge to... NEVER SPEAK WITH, OR TRUST, A FILIPINO/FILIPINA, WHO ANSWERS A CUSTOMER SERVICE CALL FOR AN AMERICAN COMPANY!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I, totally agree with you, and, the *** with, being politically correct. I get so tired of talking with these, so called representatives, all they can say is, sorry, did I answer all you're questionss?

A mazon company , is ,the worst of all companies, for , customer service, the way, I see it. No wonder, so many of these reviews are having identity theft problems .

If I can't talk to an American, no produsts.