Recently I tried to purchase some Toro lawnmower parts on Amazon.com. The site included a photo fo a small plastic bag with the pinion gears i wanted and the lettering qty 5.

The photo showed 5 gears in the bag. The normal person would assume the bag of 5 is one quantity as depicted. I order one and got one gear and not the small bag with 5 gears. I called to complain and Amazon customer service then refers me back to a third party supplier by the name of Mowtown Inc, Kennesaw, Ga.

When i emailed Mowtown, they quickly blamed Amazon. Is it not funny that ones blames the other to the detriment of the customer?

These anti consumer entities refuse to acknowledge their responsibility and claim the photos are the responsibility of the other or worse, claim it has no bearing on my transaction. Buyers beware of Amazon.com and also Mowtown Inc or Mowtown USA.

Location: Washington, District Of Columbia

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Most the images you see for products on Amazon are Generic images, or images uploaded by one of the several sellers selling an item. This is one of the biggest things I hate about Amazon.

They make sellers list item with the UPC label... Lets say a computer has been upgraded (memory, ect) The amazon listing will still show the original specifications. The only recourse a seller has is to put extra info in the "condition" section.

I'm surprised so many shop on Amazon.... I find eBay much more accurate (each listeing created individually) so you know what you are getting.


Is there not a dealer near you where you can get the part? How much were going to save?


Amazon actually has a service where a store owner can send in their products and photos and amazon will sell and ship for them, basically it's like consignment. They often make mistakes with photos and descriptions and from what i have seen they often blame the original seller.