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I have made an order with on January 7th. Its now product.

I have never seen shipping estimates of 1-21 days, and gurantees money back in over a month. All it took was one click to take my money. Amazon needs to restructure its marketplace practices. Requirements of shipping and tracking info should be implemented to better serve and protect comsumers.

One month of waiting is absurd and time consuming, to file a A-Z claim. All this time I have been waiting, hoping my product arrives. A month later and now I dont have to guess, now its never coming. Requiring shipping/tracking info will better allow consumers to pinpoint where their product is, and if it has even been shipped.

Unless this will change, I will never shop from amazon.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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I always have good buying experience with Amazon. I believe they are the best E-tailers right now.

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well, amazon in all my experiences never charged me until it was shipped, and always provided tracking info on their website and tracking #s so if you prefer you could track it at the delivery's website. if it was shipped usps, then blame their tracking.

i just picked up my planet of the apes box set (in the giant monkey head :) yet the website only says that it left the warehouse on 7-7-08.

(its 7-9 today) usps doesn't update their tracking info like ups, fedex or dhl. this is a fault of the shipper not the seller though.

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