I am a Canadian citizen and writer.

Beginning in 2012 I began selling my books on Amazon.com Currently there are 6 of my books for sale there.

I learned in 2014 that Amazon.com gave $150 of my book profits to the American IRS. Amazon.com refused to give me back my stolen money. They said I might recover "some" of the stolen money with an EIN from the IRS that would make me exempt from American taxes, since there is a treaty between Canada and the USA regarding this.

There are no American Income Tax forms available in Canada, on the internet, or by phoning the IRS. The IRS made me spend money and jump through hoops, but it was a sick joke, because they had no intention of returning my stolen money. I will never get it back.

Recently Amazon.com sent me an American 1042-S form for 2014. According to the 1042-S form, Amazon.com owes me $146.65 for the year 2014.

I am a Canadian and I have nothing to do with the USA. It was not until 2014 that I learned Amazon.com is supposedly located in the USA. In fact they are located in cyberspace.

I did not receive any money from Amazon.com in 2014 or 2015. Except in September 2014 they sent me a cheque for $3.15. Yes, three dollars and fifteen cents.

I have and American EIN for tax exemption purposes . There is a treaty between Canada and the USA for my exemption, and it does not concern Amazon.com They are not the IRS and they are not Revenue Canada.

However, Amazon.com expects me to fill out an American Income Tax form (which is unavailable to me) in order to obtain ANY money that Amazon.com has stolen from me.

I am a writer, not an accountant specializing in international tax laws. I write books, Amazon.com sells some of my books, then gives me some of the profit. Period. I am NOT an employee of Amazon.com

In Canada an accountant does my Canadian Income Tax form because I am unable to do it myself. My accountant is unwilling and unable to do foreign income tax forms. He says the money I make from books on Amazon.com goes into my Canadian Income Tax "T1 General" form IF I RECEIVE THE MONEY. The American 1042-S form Amazon.com sent me does not prove I received $146.65. A cheque would be evidence for Revenue Canada.

It's off topic, but what I HATE most about Amazon.com is they allow comments from customers to be posted in our ads. That is the worst way to sell anything!

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$150 in US taxes on book sales, and you have 6 different titles on Amazon? Amazon.com is "supposedly" located in the US?

You think because it has an internet storefront it resides in cyberspace?

You don't like that people can review your work after they read it to inform others? Hahahahahahahaha - get a real job you socialist hippie!

Mannford, Oklahoma, United States #970774

That is like setting up a local business and not paying your taxes. Why do you do business with a company that you obviously know nothing about?

Each business comes from somewhere.

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