Justice, Illinois

I'm a senior, 80+ who placed an order for neighbor who doesn't have a computer. After I jumped through all the hoops and checked out, I must have somehow or other clicked some dam thing in error.

Turns out that I "Shared" information about my purchase with Facebook. I HATE THAT *** SOCIAL SITE, AND ALL OTHERS LIKE IT. I was on FB about 2 months or so before I decided it wasn't for me. I've been trying to remove whatever they posted on FB with no success.

Amazon sent me a link to a non-existent site> After I cursed them roundly they kept sending me the same carp.

There's been no money lost yet, and I intend to contact my credit card bank and tell them to withhold payment to their vendor. He may be on the legit, but they sure as *** aren't

Monetary Loss: $9.

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For you to be 80+,You have a very "FOWL MOUTH".Look's as though you need help "YOURSELF".How in the "***" Can the "BLIND LEAD THE BLIND"Without each falling in a "Whole".There is know need to blame anyone but "YOURSELF".Next time ask someone else for help if you do not know what you are "Doing".


sessa sounds like they work for Amazon customer service. Being disrespectful on the Internet makes those who read sessa posts wonder how sessa would treat someone face-to-face or on the job. If sessa doesn't work for Amazon sessa would be a good fit with Amazon.


So it is OK for you to be cruel to someone who is showing honest feedback. They are frustrated so?

You think you are perfect? Amazon isn't perfect, If my own past experience is any judge Amazon doesn't acknowledge their errors nor offer any empathy when their company violates the customers trust. When is the last Amazon showed showed gratitude to any buyer? Amazon or Walmart it will be all the same soon.

Customers are being squeezed and abused increasing as each financial report rolls off the press. Amazon has become so powerful customer complaints no longer matter.


The issue isn't YOUR experience with Amazon, it is this man blaming the company for a mistake on his part. A good example of this would be if YOU bought a Toyota and the engine failed a week after driving it vs this guy buying a Toyota and rear ending someone because he wasn't paying attention. YOUR complaint is valid, his is not.

Sara L

Amazon is a highly respected company with what most people consider excellent customer service. It's ridiculous to blame Amazon because YOU made a mistake on the computer!

So YOU made a mistake and they're imbeciles?

OK. :roll :roll