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This is a true record of events that I was subjected to as a customer at amazon.com. although, to be fair I would say 98% of the staff were unprofessional, dishonest and lack integrity.

perhaps 2% that I encountered seems like they were willing to help. Based on my experience. I've been a member since 2014. Although I've experienced a few kinks along the way I could honestly say that I was overall pleased with their services and products...Until this year.

I don't know if they are under new management or just done't give a *** about their jobs any longer but their nonsense is unacceptable For example: I received items that were advertised incorrectly. Items were delivered damaged and I had to pay a professional to repair it, I was on trial for amazon prime where one of their huge selling point is that I will receive authorized packages within 2 days deliver. The packages were delivered days later. and the worst is that I ordered a personalized book for my darling precious daughter for Christmas.

I never received the package so I called to inquire about it and spoken to 2 different unintelligent dishonest supervisors who basically told me at first I was not charged for the book (When I am clearly looking at my bank statement showing the item was paid for). Since they sounded like fools trying to explain the charges that they claimed never existed...Then I was told that the seller changed their minds and decided not to send me the book. SO I asked them why do they not deal with professional sellers who has integrity or if they have to cancel their order why don't they notify the customer afeterall, they have my money. I am furious because this personalized book was a special gift for my daughter.

They waited so close to Christmas when they could have notified me in November that the book was cancelled instead of having me wait and wait. Now I have to scramble and pay extra charges for another vendor to provide my daughter with a personalized book and no one at amazon seems to care about the inconvicence I have to go through. Customer support and their supervisors are rude and dishonest people who constantly contradict themselves. Poor customer services, and vendors who simply don't give a *** if you receive your product or not.

I don't want nothing to with Amazon ever again.

I hope the go out of business. I am more than happy to support their competitors.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $40.

Preferred solution: An apology for the inconvenience especially surrounding my daughter's personalized book, a full refund on the items placed Dec 1. I never want to support their establishment again. .

Store Location: Amazon, MT 59632, USA

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When you order something from Amazon and it is defective or missing something, etc. all you do is contact Amazon and the problem is either corrected or you can return it at the seller's expense, etc.

In other words, the problem is fixed and all this can be done online, via email. If you used a debit card, then that is your first mistake. Always use a credit card online so you can dispute the charge if need be before you have to pay for it.

Odd that you would claim to have so much trouble with Amazon, a company that has the best method for addressing problems with orders. As for late delivery, blame Amazon for contracting with the USPS in most cases---a government agency that is known for it's ineffiency---so I will agree with you on that singular point.