Amazon's search, filter and sorting tools do not produce accurate results. It appears as if items are presented out of order in order to favor certain manufacturers and/or suppliers over others. I have reported it to Amazon in the past and they have been able to reproduce my results but offered no explanation.

The example below is typical of the results I have found on other searches. It is NOT a onetime anomaly.


I entered "Smoke Detector" in the search field at Amazon.com

I then filtered by "Prime Eligible"

I then filtered by 4 stars or greater (reviews)

I then selected "Tools and Home Improvement" as the category

Finally I sorted by price, low to high.

The results were smoke detectors priced in the following order:









I can only conclude that Amazon is favoring certain manufacturers and/or suppliers over another and moving their products higher on the search/sort/filter results list.

Location: Ashburn, Virginia

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Wow !!! get a life :?


Do you not have anything better to due then make such a silly complaint? I can glance at the list and tell which one is the less expensive.

But then I can read and do not need mommy to hold my hand. I know Amazon is crooked and that is why I do not buy from them.


I finally heard back from Amazon. They pretty much said "Yeah, we know its broken, we're not going to fix it, we're not going to tell you why and don;t bother asking again."

From Amazon:

"I wanted to let you know I have shared this information with the appropriate department. I realize you're upset, and I regret we've been unable to address your concerns to your satisfaction. However, we'll not be able to offer any additional insight or action on these matters, and any further inquiries on this matter will not receive a response."


Thanks for pointing it out to anyone who isn't a regular Amazon buyer. Noticed the same as you report. Try to wait at least two weeks before making a purchase. I put things on the wish list and sometimes within hours the price will drop.

Anyone who still thinks Amazon has the best prices is wrong. Amazon makes shopping convenient but would estimate half the time a better price can be found elsewhere. I try to go to the public library and use those computers before a purchase to 'double check' the Amazon price before placing an order. I find items pop up that weren't on the screen hours before that are cheaper. Overstock.com likely has similar tricks. Last summer priced an item at $89, I looked it days later and it was $129. Three hours later went back and the same was $99.

Follow the Amazon reviews appears increasing ploys are being used by Amazon which no doubt increases their profits, however many customers feel they are being squeezed and manipulated and it has begun to affect customers satisfaction.


I am sure you are correct!! Prices change daily on AMAZON!!

Also if you use a different computer/account YOU WILL GET different prices for the same item. That being said I sill use AMAZON for tons OF STUFF best shipping and USUALLY CAN not beat the price anywhere else. I even pay for PRIME which also has declined in the last year or so.

And this is also how STORES would like to change to this kind of marketing COLLECTION of your data and price things ACCORDING TO WHAT YOU CAN PAY for the items, also you ZIP CODE live in a higher end area and you will pay more than someone in a lesser end area. SOME great marketing GENIUS CAME UP WITH that in his MOMS basement!!