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I placed two separate orders for two different items in December of 2014 that were expected to be delivered in December of 2014. The items were never delivered, despite the tracking information for both of the packages showing that they were delivered - I never received the items.

I tried multiple times (I ended up contacting Amazon customer service 6 times regarding this issue) to resolve this issue with customer service. Each time, I was told that I would be contacted by somebody within (blank) business days (usually 1-3 business days). However, I was NEVER contacted by the team that I was supposed to be contacted by, nor was I followed-up with by the customer service rep, even though they said they would followup by a certain date. When I contacted the company final time, again they tried to make me wait (blank) business days, which I wasn't going to settle for, because I knew I would not receive a response; instead, I chose to turn to my credit card company for help, since I knew I would not get any progress made with the Amazon customer service team.

I filed transaction disputes with my credit card company for each of the two charges on my account, stating that the items were never delivered. Several weeks went by and I thought everything was settled, but I then was contacted by my credit card company saying Amazon had rebutted the dispute, with their response being that the tracking information showed the packages were delivered - this was already known. I fully understood what the tracking information showed, but I still never received the items. Now, my dispute with my credit card company, which I was forced to go through because Amazon made no efforts to help their customer, is at a stand-still due to Amazon's lack of clarity, lack of support, and lack of care for their customers.

Additionally, after many years of being a loyal, paying customer to's Prime membership, I received an email early this morning saying that the company has closed my account on the basis of me requesting too many refunds. However, this is nowhere near the truth. The only source of refund requests comes from a fault in the company itself. did not take appropriate measures to ensure that I would receive the items that I paid for, such as is the case above.

Obviously, since I paid for the items, I expect either the item I paid for or my money back so I can order the item from a merchant who WILL ensure that the item gets delivered to me.

So, when I contacted's customer service department, they offered to provide me a refund for the items that the company did not ensure successful delivery of, and I accepted the offer. For the company to now say that I am at fault for accepting these offers is completely ridiculous, and it truly shows how little they care about their customers, even the loyal Prime-paying customers who have dumped thousands upon thousands upon thousands of dollars into their company.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Customer Care.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $2705.

Preferred solution: I want my money back - obviously, since I NEVER received the items that I ordered. I also want consumers worldwide to know how poorly the company values customer relations, especially the relationship with long-time Prime-paying customers..

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That means they already FLAG you(many returns) before you even buy that. Once another problem happens you are gone. thats it, thats how they roll :)


how many things did you returned? im glad they are kicking people for too many returns.

i sold a laptop(my own) this guy send back a bad one(changed parts and missing parts) and thats it. i loss all my money for the laptop. then i search online seems alot of sellers have that problem.

Nobody likes returns because they dont make money and they also lose money. I agree that amazon sucks but not on the buyer side, on the seller side.