I have been a long time customer of amazon and used to love buying from them. However, to note that through the years their customer relations has had a severe decline.

Also they kept blocking me out and I have a very secure e-mail address and all the other information I had provided was accurate as well. When ever my orders are complete and I click on the check out button it kept blocking me out and that never used to happen even when I had money on my card account. The customer service reps were very unsure of how to handle customer relations properly and were very rude and kept saying that they could not give any answer for the block and I have to wait 24 hours! I never had to deal with that before!

I tried to negotiate the matter but no avail they would not even give me a refund and said that no matter what I had to wait until the next day. I bet they wanted to make sure they could double charge my card. So I am going to call the card company and block them out and report the matter further to my BBB!

Do Not Do Business with this company! They have become a bunch of no good scammers and frauds!

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Account.

Monetary Loss: $200.

Location: Richmond, Virginia

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Number one there is nothing wrong with Amazon.com i order from Amazon.com often and I have never had a problem with them.My shipping is always free and I always have my orders in at lease 4-5 days if not less.You people really need to stop with your F------ whinning.If you do not want to shop with Amazon.com please feel free to go elsewhere i am sure you will be doing Amazon.com a favor by not ordering from them.And no i do not work for Amazon.com


Oh blow it out your *** you cry babies.Everything is getting more and more to pay for.The problem is you low life bums want a hand out when you need a hand up out of the gutter. :cry :x


used to love amazon never again. they have for some time been charging more money for everything(walmart, target, walgreens) even have the stuff cheaper.

Amazon should be cheaper and should have the best customer care and retention rate they have lost sight of WHO they are and WHO they should be.

Even PRIME IS GOING up? Why when all the prices are more then other stores.