Oak Ridge, Tennessee
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I was contacted by amazon today stating that I have applied my prime service from one account to another email account. How can this be when my one account is for me through school and my other account is for my son and his email.

I dont even know how to switch one from the other. Now they have taken my prime off of both accounts. The only things that were the same was my address and my credit card information. It seems to me as if they have issues in their administrative department and someone placed all my information onto one account instead of the account that was supposed to have prime shipping.

Amazon is a horrible company and called me a liar. They are never getting a dime from me again!

The are disrespectful and totally insane to think that I would dilliberletly cheat them! Beware when dealing with them they will make you feel totally belittled and wretched like you are the biggest loser in the world!

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Account.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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You could have received a phishing email, in which you probably gave someone all your details to your account. You assuming it was legit ofcourse, filled it out anyways.

Trying using the contact Amazon function and talk to them over the phone. You will get the best results that way.