AMAZON.COM is a a market for thieves.Why Because they allow you to sell things.

But the buyer can request a refund and then not send the item back. Amazon.com encourages sellers to send immediate refunds to conduct good business. But then will state not to send refund until you have the item. Sounds confusing i know.

In the event that a seller sends a refund without having the item, the buyer does not have to send the item back. Amazon.com does not allow the buyer any rights to go after the seller for the item or the money returned. Amazon.com only protects buyers. The do nothing for the seller that is scammed.

I sold a tablet for 160.00. The buyer requested a refund. twice she reqeusted. I not wanting to do bad business, sent the refund and requested for her to send back the tablet.

she never ever sent the tablet back. i am out of my money and the tablet. I have complained to Amazon.com numerous times. Their only response is this is your fault.

you should not have sent the refund. While understand i should have not sent the refund without the tablet, she should not have been allowed to steal. After numerous emails back and forth with amazon.com they still will not do anything about the buyer scamming and stealing.

They continue to tell me its my fault she stole.please warn people that amazon.com is a harem for thieves and there is not way of pursuing if you are scammed because amazon.com only protects those they buy and nothing for those that sell.

Review about: Amazon Tablet.

Monetary Loss: $160.


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I shipped a phone to the buyer, buyer received phone and claimed it was a used.(It was not), I emailed buyer numerous times and buyer never replied back to my emails.The buyer kept contacting Amazon.

Amazon sent me an email and because I didn't reply within 3 days the seller gets to keep the phone.

ohh, Amazon said the seller is not obligated to return the phone.:) Very funny stuff.


Amozon stole my money when I sold on their site then told me to close the account to get my money . NOW I have no access to get my money


Obviously you failed to understand how refunds and returns work.Learn how to read, and then read the procedures and policies.

You were clearly instructed to issue the buyer a prepaid return slip first, and then promptly refund the buyer AFTER the item was returned.

Fortunately for the rest of us amazing Amazon sellers, people like you don't last very long.

Marilyn's Attic, top seller


sorry for Your loss, but getting screwed works on both sides of the track, I know I've been on the other side!I know this don't help You much now, but if You are going to Sell, ebay is Your best bet!

Note! I bought dvds from Amazon, got them and case was busted, I contacted them And told them the problem! asked them If i returned the dvds if I would have to pay return postage to get replacement, they told me to just keep the dvds, & they would give me a full refund, I said no I would not feel right keeping the dvds, which was unharmed without paying something, so they asked me how much of a refund I wanted, I said enough to just replace cases! You need to file a grievance with Amazon, You as a seller has rights!

If this comes to no avail , You need to threaten them with Legal action,, or if the transaction was made using Pay Pal, contact them, and tell them your situation, to see If they can step in. Last resort , You can take them to small claims court, and sue for what You sold it to her for, because chances are, you don't want Your item back, because it problly won't be in the same shape You sent it in!

Best of luck!

New York, New York, United States #1115970

I don't know why this person is claiming amazon allows buyers to steal.Amazon prioritizes it's customers.

You are free to use amazon as you wish as sellers. They have policies in place. That's why amazon is #1.

Because they understand the buyer and customers.Everyone loves amazon!


Hello, that same issue happened to me recently, I did sell of an PC Monitor on Amazon.com, I was very clear on my listing the item is not as mentioned but similar an 25" LED PC monitor instead of 27", well the buyer did buy of it and then claim it to Amazon that item is a wrong one, I tell him to ship back the monitor but it hasn't responded yet to my messages and Amazon is gonna take $250.00 from my bank account is a very up-set situation for me :(

to dannypr100x35 #1389466

Amazon has a catalog system.You can't go to a listing for a 27" monitor and note that you are really selling a 25" monitor.

This isn't ebay. The buyers are conditioned to read the catalog pages, they are not shopping with sellers that have their own listings. If your listing for your monitor doesn't exist, if you are a pro merchant (One that pays a monthly fee that used to be $40 but probably went up by now) you can add to their catalog. So you could add your 25" item to their huge catalog.

But as with everything in life, it's pay to play.You got to be on the right account type to create those pages and you need to pay for it.


For me, after FedEx said it arrived safe and sound, the guy said he didn't have it.I proved it was delivered, and they said it was still my fault.

If I buy something, receive it, and then claim it wasn't received, I get it for free.Insane.


Its amazing how many people will turn against their own.Amazon does indeed suck.

Clearly they are a different kind of criminal organization. Thieves that hide behind a legitimate operation. Encouraging others thieves in order to profit. And there are idiots out there all smug in their "clean" seller accounts putting down other sellers.

I have said it before and I will say it again.

We need to destroy government and corporations before we will have any peace.Because people already know how to run things.

to Anonymous Owens Cross Roads, Alabama, United States #1231642


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