I ordered an antique cream jewelry armoire for my mother for Christmas. I open the box on Christmas Eve and see that it is a olive green.

So Christmas got ruined and we call Amazon and they told us to contact the broker OJ Commerce. We give OJ Commerce a phone call and they tell us they will gladly take it back with a 30% restocking fee and have us pay for shipping. Wait a minute, you're charging me about $200 because you guys sent the wrong color! So we contact Amazon and they said we will be backed up through Amazon's A-Z Guarantee Policy.

I just recieved an email that we have been denied for there policy but the company will gladly return it through their return policies. (30% restocking fee and we would have to pay for shipping). Absolutely unacceptable. I thought Amazon was a reputable company but instead found out they support scammers and *** men.

I do hope Amazon helps me get this problem resolved. Next I will be contacting The Better Business Bureau, news agencies, and every outlet on Social media that I can find.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Location: Watford City, North Dakota

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I'm sorry for your experience! I don't find funny at all that people would judge you for exposing truth to scammers on Amazon!

We agree to buying terms TRUSTING that companies would live up to expectations in delivering what we pay for! You didn't get just wrong color! That's a joke! You got ripped off and shouldn't have to pay a cent to return the fake junk they sent to you!!

It's hard enough to deal with scammers but have others insulting you publicly is truly sad and I'm surprised Amazon allowed such ridiculous unfair insult on you!

God bless and I hope you didn't have to pay the scammer who sent you that piece of junk you received!


Lol @ angry fat woman calling "news agencies" with her BREAKING NEWS that an online retailer may have shipped the wrong product and are offering a return in accordance to the terms the buyer agreed on before placing order.