I have sold on Amazon.com for over a year. I had 100% positive feedback.

No problems until a drop ship company sent several defective guitars. I worked day and night giving refunds, getting replacements, etc. Anything to get my feedback back up that went down to 73%. I got it back up to 93% with a lot of effort on my part emailing every customer asking for feedback.

But Amazon.com closed my seller account and released my over 1,000 listings and kept my $3000 owed me!!! Don't buy or sell from Amazon.com.

They are crooks!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Account.

Store Location: Van Buren, Arkansas

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We were suspended from Amazon for 1 month....we were getting the run around from Seller Performance. We asked David of www.Amazonappeal.com to help us get re-iinstated and in less than a week we have our selling privileges back.. Thank You I would refer amazonappeal..com to anyone., who is in need of help with these kind of situations.


Amazon releases your funds after 90 days when they close your account. It's right in the seller agreement you digitally signed.


Amazonappeal.com is a huge waste of money. Axtron.com performs the appeal service for free.Making amazon appeals are not hard and definitely are not worth 100 dollars.You don't need to be a so called X seller performance member to write a appeal,which I guarantee they are not.Certain account suspensions are guaranteed to get reinstated with an appeal before you even send it in.All amazon wants to see is you do is take blame and give them a plan of action,a child can write that .The reinstatement for the first time is automatic depending on the reason of the suspension.Certain suspension reasons such as linked accounts and selling counterfeits have no chance with an appeal unless you can show substantial evidence that amazon is wrong.So in those specific cases ,no matter how good your grammar in the appeal is. It wont save you!The odds are slim to none with those kind of suspensions.Don't be fooled into paying $100 for something you can do on your own.


Why not use www.amazonappeal.com?

THey helped me get back my selling priviledges few times when I already lost my hope.

They write appeal letters which actually work.


It's time to do something, Do not stay silent.

Amazon.com kept my funds more than $10,000.00.

I can not log in my accounts anymore. And no reply from amazon at all.

All my goods are doing with FBA only.

The balance goods also was taken by amazon.

What a fraud they are making? Are they robber?

This is really a joke. Guys! amazon drive me crazy!

This is not tolerant at all!!!!!

Please let me know how to get back my money and goods!!!! Thank you!


OMG! Are you serious?

Amazon used to be a credible company. I had just recently issued a refund a customer item, but the initiation date of disbursement was scheduled for Nov. 13. After initiating the refund to the company, Amazon pushed back my disbursement date to Nov.

20 for the remaining balance of my sold items. I know a lot complaints have been filed against Amazon for withholding Sellers funds, but isn't there anything that can be done?


If a class action was to considered instead of listing a bunch Plantiff/Sellers who's complaints are riddled with lapse of reasonable judgement, a smart lawsuit would be looking into whether Amazon can't be named as an accomplice to a criminal enterprise. How many times each month does Amazon get clear evidence the seller was engaged in criminal conduct? How many times a month are buyers scammed and Amazon policy is to refund the money and toss out the culprit knowingly ignoring the criminal conduct acknowledgment a criminal enterprise was operating.

Wouldn't a jury would be more sympathetic to the long list of buyers who were being scammed on the Amazon site when Amazon's knew or reasonably should of known?

If I recall correctly I once put in a buy order on Ebay for a vacuum cleaner. It was a scam and Ebay reported that criminal charges were pending and the money returned.

If Amazon reports criminal acts to authorities they don't do it consistently and I don't believe their policy has merit that would be considered reasonable, so a lawsuit for buyers might be a more realistic way to spend your time. Sign me up as a Plaintiff/Buyer if you want to change the lawsuit focus.

Ken L

Forward your contact information to:


Provide the following information:

1) Full Name

2) Physical Address - This is usually the address provided to Amazon.

3) Mailing Address if different from Physical Address

4) Contact Phone Number

5) Email Address (I promise it will not be used for spam but only contact regarding this matter)

6) During what dates were you an Amazon seller?

7) When was the Amazon seller status terminated?

8) What was the reason given for termination?

9) Have you had more than one Amazon seller account?

10) Are you currently an active seller on Amazon?

11) Were owed funds paid out to you after the 90 day following termination?

12) Are funds still owed to you by Amazon?

13) What amount of funds are owed? If multiple or subsequent accounts were held, indicate the amount from each account.

14) Have you retained emails and other communication from Amazon regarding termination, reinstatement and other contact?

15) Provide a brief description of your sales activity including types of products, monthly sales volume in dollars, peak months and peak monthly sales volume.

All information remains confidential and is forwarded to the lawyers handling the matter.

@Ken L

You sound suspicious...


Will add to the discussion that in everyday life, separate from Amazon I have heard the same thing over and over . .

. people making huge profits off the Internet yet when I ask specific questions or attempt to follow up on what they claim - hit a wall. Nothing is as represented. One of my long time friends sells exactly what I do at another site (s) They routinely claim they make 10x what I do.

Frankly I have decided they are delusional cause if they were making 10x my profit they would have 10x the income and clearly they don't.


Kindly clarify your complaints. What you claim is your issues doesn't make sense.

I get it that Amazon is holding onto funds for 90 days before being dispersed but didn't you know that before you signed up? I have had employers wait that long on commissions.

Are you saying that before you can start up on Amazon they require a retainer/good faith bond? Where does Amazon post that information?

So when a customer files a complaint with A - Z Guarantee the seller is not advised, nor are they told when the case is settled? If that is true and I don't know if it is, that puts the responsibility to clearly document the sellers side of the transaction dispute in the customers correspondence before it escalates into a buyer complaint to A - Z. If the seller can't/don't it is toast for you. Kiss the sale good-bye.

Most any business crashes within two years so obviously any seller has to work extremely hard knowing you can't control outside factors Some businesses are just luckier than others.

As both an Amazon buyer and seller sometimes you have to just suck it up. Life is bumpy and business brutal. What I find unbelievable in reading these posts is the amounts you claim Amazon owes you. Amounts that are equal to a full time job even if minus the out of pocket costs of the products sold. Never have any of my Amazon profits been within 5% of what you all profess Amazon owes you. What are you selling BMW's?

How realistic is it to seek Amazon sales support you, or pay a mortgage? Amazon is no way to make Quick Money. The cold hard facts are unless Amazon sales are your pocket change quit Amazon. Sellers must be realistic? There are better options like seller reorganizes the business to sell independently - run it as you want.

No one mentions the fees Amazon charges. I find those to way to steep and in some cases insane. I no longer I sell anything with Amazon unless I know minus the Amazon fees I still make decent profit. Yes I have had to take a loss due to others stupidity and or they are less than honest . . . assuming every month a 10% loss the pricing reflects that loss.

All the above is Business 101. I didn't read up ENOUGH on the pros's and ***'s of Amazon businesses. Had I, likely I would not of jumped in, but nearly everyday I learn, fine tune and become increasingly methodical in my business oversight. I never take for granted my business will be profitable. At this point the business is self supporting. The first five months I didn't take a penny out. I can close out tomorrow and not be in the red. Every sale is profit at this point, it wasn't always so . . just saying likely there is a better way to to conduct your financial affairs cause what you are posting just doesn't even come close to my Amazon experiences.

Ken L

I won't get into specifics of my situation at this point as I'm letting the lawyers handle the details.

But suffice it to say, regardless of what Amazon stated or did not state in their agreements does not appear to comply with state and federal laws. No entity can force an agreement which is not in compliance with applicable laws. That's one of numerous issues to address.

And yes, large amounts can be made by someone handling business well on Amazon. It's merely a matter of operating honorably and taking good care of customers. I had many repeat customers on Amazon during my time there.

Ken L


Please forward your information to AmazonClass@yahoo.com

We would like to get you added as a class member.


They also kept 5000 of mine and closed my account


closed my amazon seller account what a rip-off the house always win there switched to www.mercadomagico.com they only take 8% :zzz


done with amazon and ebay for great deals I look into wwe.mercadomagico.com more customized service


Just checked www.mercadomagico.com and looks great buying that Roomba 770



They do NOT care about the sellers at ALL !!

They will *** you over, and keep your money. I wish someone would sue them ~


Terrible experience as a seller with Amazon. Now as a buyer, after I have returned 3 defective DSLR cameras, Amazon advised that going to close my buyer account, see in quotes:


I do not post regularly on the internet but I feel I have to. I totally agreed with the previous comment (amazon seller, modesto).

Pretty much the same for me. Needless to say, I stop all of my listing (either active or delete) for right now. I am not sure I am going to sell anything on Amazon anymore. By the way, I had two other places to list my items online.

Due to this bad experience, I will limit to buy anything from Amazon.

Think hard before selling anything on Amazon. Please note I have been buying Amazon products for over 10 years.