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Initial Question: I found very disrespectful to let me wait for one month to let me know I will have to wait another month for my order.I really can't imagine that could happen with Amazon.

07:11 AM PDT Bharath(Amazon): Hello, my name is Bharath. I'm here to help you today.I'm really sorry to hear that. 07:12 AM PDT Andy: I don't want to wait another month. This is really not what I expected from Amazon.I am still in denial this is happening to me here.07:13 AM PDT Bharath: Can you provide me the order number?07:13 AM PDT Andy: Monday, July 20, 2015 Order # 108-2800781-4000217 07:15 AM PDT Bharath: Thank you. Let me check this for you. 07:20 AM PDT Bharath: Thanks for waiting. Is this the item Kingston Digital 128GB Data Traveler SE9 G2 USB 3.0 (DTSE9G2/128GB)?07:20 AM PDT Andy: yesQty = 207:21 AM PDT Bharath: I see that this item listed as Usually ships within 2 to 4 weeks.07:21 AM PDT Andy: did you see the day of the order?07:22 AM PDT Bharath: Yes, I did. 07:23 AM PDT Bharath: Monday, July 20. 07:23 AM PDT Andy: ok, how many weeks as of today07:24 AM PDT Andy: 35 days / 7 = 5 weeksNow add to that, they are asking me for a my consent to wait another 30 days.Is this really Amazon?07:24 AM PDT Bharath: This is current status of the availability of the item.07:25 AM PDT Bharath: When you placed the order we didn't have it stock. 07:25 AM PDT Andy: Bharath, does looks normal to you?07:26 AM PDT Andy: Not normal for me.Amazon charge for expedite delivery07:27 AM PDT Andy: This time was a normal delivery in 4-6 weeks.sorry, 4 weeksFirst, they are delayed.07:27 AM PDT Bharath: Yes, Our shipping estimates--such as "Usually ships within 2 to 4 weeks"--take into account the time it takes to receive the item from our suppliers, pack it, and prepare it for shipment.

07:27 AM PDT Andy: Second, in very absurd and disrespectful manner they are asking me to concent to delay the order another 30 days.07:28 AM PDT Bharath: I certainly understand, Andy. 07:28 AM PDT Andy: Bharath: My problem is to pick the product and pay as requested.Amazon problem is to deliver the product as promised07:28 AM PDT Bharath: This item is currently not readily available with us to ship directly.07:28 AM PDT Andy: I don't care how you do it.07:29 AM PDT Bharath: We need to get it from the supplier and ship to your address. 07:29 AM PDT Andy: If this item is hard to get, then Amazon should not display the item. Period07:30 AM PDT Andy: It is very unprofessional, not Amazon like, to display an item, let the customer wait the delivery time; and then ask the customer to wait another 30 days as nothing happend07:30 AM PDT Bharath: I understand we tried out best to get the item soon but we couldn't make it I apologize for that. 07:30 AM PDT Andy: Barath, I DON'T CARE WHAT AMAZON HAS TO DO TO DELIVERY07:31 AM PDT Andy: Amazon promise 2-4 weeksI wait 2-4 weeksPeriodthe rest, is Amazon problemI paid for that Service and that product, with this delivery time.Now I need solutions, not excuses07:32 AM PDT Bharath: We didn't charge your card for this order yet. If you prefer I'll cancel the order and you can place a new order with the other sellers. 07:32 AM PDT Andy: HOw easy you put all of this.07:32 AM PDT Bharath: Otherwise you would have to wait until Monday, September 14, 2015 - Saturday, September 26, 2015.07:33 AM PDT Andy: Your proposal is as disrespectful as the proposal of waiting another 30 days.If have to pay for expedite delivery07:34 AM PDT Bharath: I understand but even if I upgrade the shipping it won't take effect as it's not available readily with us.07:34 AM PDT Andy: I would like to be rewarded for delayed or none existing deliveryYou wont upgrade the shipping.I will cancel this order, and I expect to get credit for my next order.Plus, that this order had already a $ 30.00 discount.07:36 AM PDT Andy: Now, let me know how much I get paid for delayed delivery, and be treated like nothing happened and I should be responsible for your suppliers delayes.Let me give you a tip about suppliers in this order: SOLD BY AMAZON.COM LLC07:37 AM PDT Bharath: Unfortunately, we're unable to issue any credits for this delay. 07:38 AM PDT Andy: Unreal07:38 AM PDT Bharath: If you prefer I can upgrade the shipping to one day so that we'll ship the item as soon as we get from the supplier. 07:38 AM PDT Andy: Are you crazy?I don't trust you anymore07:39 AM PDT Bharath: Then you are welcome to cancel the order. 07:39 AM PDT Andy: Let's do this. Since I am noticing that there is no concern about the customer in this Chat.First, apply the $30.00 to my Amazon Card.07:40 AM PDT Andy: Second cancel this order.07:40 AM PDT Bharath: We really concerned about our customers and we'll do our best to resolve their concern. However we don't have any other option at this point. May I know the reason for the $30 credit?07:40 AM PDT Andy: No Amazon is not in this situation.07:41 AM PDT Andy: You and Amazon were just playing bully.I can't do nothing, I am a small fish.only thing I have to do is get out of this fishpool.07:42 AM PDT Andy: The reason for the $ 30.00 credit is because I applied for an Amazon CC.07:45 AM PDT Bharath: When you pay with a gift card, we reserve the funds for use on that specific order. However, we don't actually "charge" the gift card balance until the order is shipped.

The credit will be issued back to your account once the order cancelled.07:46 AM PDT Andy: There is no issued back, because I had no card prior to this infamous transaction.07:46 AM PDT Bharath: No, it'll be back your account. You'll see that under your gift card balance. 07:46 AM PDT Andy: The correct statement would be: As soon as you cancel this order, a credit of $ 30.00 will be applied to your Amazon CC.07:47 AM PDT Andy: Is the above statement correct?07:47 AM PDT Bharath: No, the credit you used was from your gift credit balance. It won't go to CC. 07:48 AM PDT Andy: Barath, I really don't know why is so complicated; but let me explain in another way.1. This order will be cancel.07:49 AM PDT Bharath: You're not charged from your credit card.07:49 AM PDT Andy: Let me finish07:49 AM PDT Bharath: Okay.07:49 AM PDT Andy: 1. Order will be canceled.07:50 AM PDT Andy: 2. Credit as Gift Card Balance will be applied to the card3. I have a balance in my card for another order.That order can be credited with that $30.00 Gift, since that second order, would be now the first.07:51 AM PDT Andy: or just apply the credit to my card.07:52 AM PDT Bharath: You finished? 07:52 AM PDT Andy: yes07:52 AM PDT Bharath: You had 30$ gift credit in your account right?07:53 AM PDT Bharath: And it was applied to this order.07:53 AM PDT Andy: I did not had a card prior to the order in question.I got my $ 30.00 credit because I applied at the time I was making the order.07:54 AM PDT Bharath: Well, the $30 credit was issued to your gift card balance since you applied for the Amazon cc.If you cancel this order it'll be back to your gift credit balance. 07:55 AM PDT Bharath: And you're not charged for this order yet from your credit card. 07:55 AM PDT Andy: Of course not, I should be paid for being a ***.Now, may I apply that 30 dollars credit to my current balance.07:56 AM PDT Bharath: You can cancel the order and the credit will get back to your account automatically. 07:56 AM PDT Andy: i am not asking if i get the credit back.i am asking if will be applied to my current balance07:57 AM PDT Andy: or should i do it manually?07:58 AM PDT Bharath:

07:59 AM PDT Andy: Wow, almost one hour in this Chat, trying to solve an Amazon problem. If i make 38/hr, and get paid 1.5 times my rate in my free time, then Amazon owes me 57 dollars.07:59 AM PDT Bharath: It'll be added to your account automatically and will be applied to your next order. 08:00 AM PDT Bharath: You will see an option to use the gift card on checkout. 08:00 AM PDT Andy: My next order already happened; that's exactly what i am trying to tell you.OMGI did an order already, and it was delivery08:01 AM PDT Bharath: You didn't tell me that you already placed an order.08:01 AM PDT Andy: since this order, Amazon is unable to fulfill its promises;i expect then to apply that credit to what it would be my first order: which is the second.IS THIS TOO HARD to understand?man, you are all so mechanical.08:02 AM PDT Andy: I am telling you ALL THE TIME; I WANT THAT CREDIT IN MY CARD, TO ANOTHER ORDER THAT I PLACED.READ ABOVE !!!!08:03 AM PDT Bharath: The credit will not go to your Card.08:03 AM PDT Andy: Remember when i tell you let me finishOK, READ IT FOR THE FIRST TIMEor better, let me copy and paste1. Order will be canceled.

2. Credit as Gift Card Balance will be applied to the card

3. I have a balance in my card for another order.

That order can be credited with that $30.00 Gift, since that second order, would be now the first.

or just apply the credit to my card. 08:04 AM PDT Andy: CAN YOU READ NUMBER 3??????08:06 AM PDT Andy: One hour in this *** chat: amazon now owes me $ 57.00 dollars.08:07 AM PDT Andy: And now i will paste in this Chat the Message Amazon send me:

Important Messages We thought you should know that there's a delay with the item(s) listed below. You'll need to approve this delay so that we can continue processing this part of your order. We apologize for any inconvenience.

To see all the items in this order, to cancel an item, or to make any changes to unshipped items, view your Order Summary

Order Placed: July 20, 2015

Delayed items--your approval required

Items Ordered Approve

Kingston Digital 128GB Data Traveler SE9 G2 USB 3.0 (DTSE9G2/128GB)

Updated Delivery Estimate: September 14, 2015 - September 26, 2015 Your approval required by: September 21, 2015

We will still try to ship the above item(s) by the approval required by date(s). If this is not possible, and we have not received your approval for the delay by the date(s) listed above, we will cancel this part of your order.

08:08 AM PDT Andy: AS I SAID: THIS IS UNREAL. I REALLY CANT BELEIVE I AM DEALING WITH AMAZON. !!!!08:09 AM PDT Bharath: I had told you that the gift credits will be added to your amazon account not to the credit card and that credit will be applied to your next order that you place next. 08:12 AM PDT Bharath: If you prefer I'll cancel this order for you. 08:13 AM PDT Andy: No thank you. it will be my pleasure to do it by myself.Bharath, since you did nothing to help me.08:14 AM PDT Andy: My status now: I am very frustrated with Amazon; and i think that the $ 30.00 credit will never be applied to any future order.08:15 AM PDT Bharath: It'll be applied to your future orders. 08:15 AM PDT Andy: It will not.I will not buy from Amazon .Thanks You.bye.08:16 AM PDT Andy: This chat is going to go Public.08:16 AM PDT Bharath: Ok.08:16 AM PDT Andy: i will show to all my network08:16 AM PDT Bharath: Is there anything else I can assist you with today?08:16 AM PDT Andy: Did you assist?What a joke.bye08:17 AM PDT Bharath: Bye.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Customer Care.

Reason of review: NO RESPECT.

Preferred solution: i do not expect a solution after this experience. this changed my trust in Amazon 180 degrees..

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