I opened an account on AMAZON.COM on December/08/2012 to buy stuff of my interest witch I did and everything was fine until January/22/2013 when I checked my checking account witch I have linked with my Amazon account and found out that Amazon was charging me with the amount of $39.99. So i decided to take action for this and contacted Amazon by email with the question of why i was charged by them.

Amazon in about 4 to 5 hours reply to my email asking if I have an Sellers Account and if I did that they charge monthly this amount. I reply to them that i do not have a sellers account that my only account is a buyers account and send them evidence of the Terms and Agreement I said yes to. Amazon reply back and saying that they are sorry about this error and they are going to fully refund me back in about 2 to 3 business days. But the trouble does not stop here, since on my checking account I only had about $4.00 to $5.00 and Amazon charge me by mistake my bank fees me with $35.00 if I do not pay the amount that Amazon charged me in 24 hours.

Already 24 hours past and my bank charges me and now I owe the bank even if Amazon refund me the $39.99. I send another email to Amazon regarding this situation and they say that Amazon will only refund me the amount they have charge me and that they are sorry about what have happen to me and tells me that I need to call my bank about what happen so they can discard the fee. I called my bank and they told me that they were going to check my situation and they need to contact Amazon to confirm what I said. So once again I send another email to Amazon with my problem with complete details and asking for a contact number so my bank can call them to confirm my situation.

Amazon reply saying that I needed to fax them my bank statement were it shows Amazon charging me and the bank fee, also Amazon is asking for extra information with the statement such as name, address, phone number, case number and more...I am really mad that I have to go trough all this just because Amazon made a mistake by charging me for a service I do not have. What are my rights here? What should I do?

Should I take this matter to an upper level? Please need help!

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Account.

Monetary Loss: $85.

Location: Highland Park, Texas

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I too just received a charge of $39.99 from Amazon. I called them....they couldn't find the charge.

They said to contact my credit card which I did. My credit card company said that they are getting alot of these from Amazon and not to worry, they'll not pay Amazon the charge.


Same here, stupid amazon kept charging me $39.99 a month for sellers fees, the problem I am not s seller. Stupid greedy bald person.


Amazon is taking peoples money for no reason. Jeff Bezos 150 billion fraud


I had same thing happen but on a non Amazon card. Bank said it was fraud and is sending me a new credit card.


Have similar issue.

Within last 60 days, my credit card linked to my Amazon account (buying stuff only) has been charged five times for $39.99 each. I don't have a seller account.

I've called a few times (long calls, big time waste, not helpful) and emailed three times explaining the issue.

The phone call customer support is like talking to Alexa.

The emails all say they can't find anything, and direct me to log into my seller's account.

More recently, I called and talked to someone (again, about an hour, we're calling India here) and they said they refunded two of the charges.

Fast forward a CC statement period, no refunds are shows, nor or any shown pending.

We love Amazon for buying things, but I was pretty shocked to see that when you have a problem (Amazon glitch?), you're pretty much screwed. Ended up disputing the charges w/ CC company and having new card numbers issued.


I’m having the same issue! Got charged for amazon seller repay $39.99.

They couldn’t locate the charge on either of my accounts. I had to dispute with my credit card and wait for a response. Now there is another amazon seller repay fee of $57.99!!!

Dammit. This is total fraud!


next time, call ur bank and get them to 3way the merch and the bank should be able to waive it