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I order a Phil&Ted car seat from Amazon. Which order thru a third party.

FedEx lost the car seat. So I called Amazon. Instead of calling the third party to get me a new car seat which is need ASAP because my grand baby is due soon. They gave me a refund which depending on your bank take 7-10 business day.

To make things easy for me the customer they could have call the company to order a new car seat instead of giving me a refund to reorder the car seat again which Amazon is now sell but at a higher price. This is not how you fix a issue that is not the customer fault. So now because the car seat is still needed I have to wait to get my refund to order the item again but pay more for. Amazon this is 2015 update your system to make things easier for the customer especially when it not their fault.

This is bad customer service.

I will buy the car seat straight from Phil& Ted. You just lost a very good customer.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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Wait till this person finds out it is not a refund to the bank. They will receive a credit to their amazon account - which has to be spent at amazon.


So you got your money back and the seller was out a car seat. You expect more? Your real complaint should be with fedex or with yourself waiting to the last minute for something you knew was needed for months.