I order through Amazon because they usually are very good on price quality and turnaround. This time it was a nightmare.

I have a customer with a 1965 Corvette with a modified high-performance engine. The radiator went bad and there is only one radiator for this application from Be Cool. Amazon showed a fair price and three-day shipping. I received several emails that the radiator was late in delivery.

Yesterday I had an email that I would have it by 9 PM. Nothing showed up and this morning I had an email that I CANCELED IT, Not true. The web support desk would not work and after much searching, on Google I found a phone number for customer help. She tried to help but Jegs, the third-party supplier is a mess.

I had to order it from Summit Racing at a $50 higher price. My customer is not happy. I am not happy. I use Amazon exclusively if they have the item because of their focus on customer care.

This time it was horrible and my customer is pissed.

Also, the Corvette has tied up one of my service bays for two weeks! I can't show proof of purchase because it was never delivered.

User's recommendation: Not sure. Jury is still out.

Location: Port Orange, Florida

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