El Paso, Texas

They have an F rating from the BBB! This company dominates the Amazon marketplace.

I buy several textbooks through Amazon for my bookstore. I would buy from 1 non-neebo named seller only to have the books shipped by this company and other non-neebo named sellers requested returns be shipped to this company. I have had to return several books due to damages or not U.S. student editions/wrong textbooks.

It's like a dumping ground for all of the unwanted/bad conditioned and mislabeled books done under Amazon alias's or through different sellers. They also give me a hard time for returns when the books were damaged/described improperly/were the wrong textbooks, which is absolutely ridiculous and a devious business practice.

I would stay away from this company. I've had to deal with them 20 times and I can tell you, they only care about the bottom line at your expense, lack quality control (or just don't care), bad customer service, and have deceitful business practices.

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