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Hello my name is Trey King ,3 years ago I was suspended on amazon due to linked accounts.Which is Interesting,previous to that seller account I had no others.I was making around 10k per month around that time ,and amazon suspended my account .Losing 10 k per month is a rough experience,I thought it was all over.Had to figure out a way to sell on amazon again.I ended up buying amazon ghost,which was horrible .I mean it had some good information ,but the process is so outdated that the methods used are easily spotted by amazon now and expensive just to attempt the directions the book gives you.I had to figure out a better way to stealth amazon that made the process efficient and cost effective.A few months of trial and error and I figured out a way to stealth amazon by running well over 10 seller accounts from 1 computer without any of them linking to each other .Meaning if 1 amazon account was shut down due too a policy violation ,the other amazon accounts will remain untouched and unnoticed by amazons radar.

For two years I've been running this service that teaches people how to use the same methods as me to their advantage ,beating suspension ,taking over categories by using multiple accounts,bypassing the amazon tax interview,eliminating other competitor accounts ,bypassing the amazon tax interview while using a stealth account ,how to add bank accounts to amazon stealth accounts not in your name,Add fake performance feedbacks to amazon seller account up to quantity's of hundreds at a time,faking amazon product reviews that bypass amazons new system for spotting fake reviews and them removing them,I can manipulate the amazon ranking system and get products moved to better position on amazon,I even have a Trick that can remove other sellers abilities to ship their products using FBA meaning I can force them to manually ship out their own products which can turn into a hassle around busy times of the year if they are not use to shipping on heir own.Basically what I am saying is I have all these techniques to my advantage,call me b.s. or not.But I already have had over 200 clients,and they know I'm a force to recon with on amazon.Now I understand people who read this will have their own opinions about whether I'm a real deal or is this review just setup to scam people.I can ensure you I am the real deal,and before you decide call me a fake I encourage you as business people to contact me and have a 1 on 1 conversation first to feel me out and give me the benefit of doubt of what I can actually offer you.I'm very down to earth about my service and businesses I run ,I own my own products as well so this amazon service is just a side thing I do when I'm not focusing on my other money flows.There are multiple ways to contact me tking0688@gmail(dot)com,facebook by searching Trey Worth King,or skype (which is mostly preffered) user name mrworth401. Please just contact and talk to me first,because think about it .If I turn out to be the guy I say I am and who does the things I say that I do,I can be the best thing for your online business.Or I can be the worst thing ,for when your competitor hires my methods to use against you.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Shipping Service.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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  • amazon banned account
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the company (Axtron) pretty much took my money ($850), made me sign up for an open vpn account, and thats it. Never hard back from them again..

Been calling and messaging them for weeks now, to figure the next step out, always to be told by Jason that someone will get back to you.


so frustrated.. These guys are crooks..


oooh bookworm thanks alot I think I just threw up a little bit in my mouth, *** :?


I agree with you, Warlock. And after reading "Trey King's" horrible article, I'm 99% sure he was the one who left that comment anyway...


very cool guy! He is very patient and understanding...he is the superman of amazon suspension going after the bad guys. You can't go wrong with this man....he's in this not just for the money but to genuinely help us all out who have been victimized by Amazon!