I sold a textbook on Amazon.com and purchased delivery confirmation. USPS.com tracks and confirms the package as delivered but Amazon sides with the buyer (Briana Juarez of ALBUQUERQUE, NM) and the buyer reports the item unaccounted for. The buyers money was returned and I am out my item and payment. Apparently nothing could be done yet the payment was retracted from my account based on someones "word of honor" that has never used Amazon before. Amazon states that they protect sellers from A-Z frauds but nothing has been done to resolve my case. I was basically told that I was out of luck. Amazon has no seller protection as claimed. This is unfair business practice and I want the world to know about it. Apparently you can claim you never received something and get it for free. So have at it all you buyers.....like Briana Juarez....you can make a little white lie and get anything from Amazon sellers at no cost to you. The customer support is worthless and you'll get away with it at least once....so change your account frequently and you'll have plenty of stuff at no cost. I have contacted the better business bureau and will re-post if the matter is resolved but I highly doubt it. Numerous emails and phone calls got me no where.





Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Account.

Monetary Loss: $86.

Location: Terre Haute, Indiana

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Report this to the Better Business Bureau:


It takes about ten minutes to file a claim. I was duped out of $415 for the same reasons you are mentioning.

According to my research there are an enormous amount of people who have likewise experienced these completely unethical practices. If enough of us report them to the BBB, it sends a clear message that we will not allow for theft to be sanctioned and assisted by Amazon.


Amazon is not eBay where you can rip off buyers and yet claim to be innocent. I spend thousands on amazon and I did file A-Z claim on some idiots who were not honest or try to rip me off, somebody just mentioned about 5 or 6 claims I'm not sure if that really works but if I have a problem with the seller and have enough evidence I will still file and I have always been successfull.

Amazon looks at how much you contribute to their business, a one time buyer or seller who is trying to use this excellent customer service may get cought. I just bought ASUS republic of gemers with wrong description on it, wrong operation system, dead battery and it shuts off its self, I was nice enough to contact the seller to return and refund my money, since he/she refused I had to forward the e-mail to amazon and filed claim, I got my money back and I will not spend a penny to send that garbage computer to the seller, if he/she wants they can e-mail me shipping lable and I don't mind to drive and drop it at post office, if they will not contact me and get it I will throw it in a garbage it doesn't worth my time. it looked as if it was pulled out of a trash anyways, it's still in its original package. I don't care what people think but I love amazon since my 90% of daily shopping is on amazon.

there is nothing I buy locally before checking with amazon first.

I'm a prime member and I will contniue to be one, it has been over 5 years since I start shopping on amazon and I will contniue. Thank You Amazon.


The mental suffering inflicted by Amazon Customer Support(??)dept. is huge. Stress is putting it mildly. They have no customer service, it's a farce. Why? Because the canned replies you get are worthless, dreamed up excuses and explanations which make no sense.

Yes, you are right, if all wronged sellers would rip off other sellers the way they have been ripped off, the seller ripoffs would grind to a halt fast!

So ask for a refund and keep the goods, if it's legal for others it's legal for you.

Amen, and amen.


@ Amazon sux, the company is run by brilliant people. They've already anticipated disgruntled buyers like you that can't be bothered to read the policy. Even though others have said it here already, I'll repeat it. You didn't use sufficient tracking as proof. DC is proof of delivery to a zip code and not an actual address. Signature confirmation is true proof of a delivery to an individual at the address, but costs over $2 instead of .19 cents. Sellers that know the rules know how to protect themselves.

What will happen if you try to rip off all the sellers like you suggest is that by the 5th claim, Amazon will say they notice you have an extraordinary amount of claims and from this point forth you have no more A to Z claim protection. Once you file that 6th claim, it gets denied and you get banned from the site as a problem buyer that is impossible to please. It's just as hard for a buyer to get back on as it is for a seller.

The site is efficient and run by professionals. You on the other hand don't even know anything about how to protect yourself properly or even any policy on excessive returns. Assumption will almost always result in undesirable results.


hello amazon-sux.. when you talk like that you sound un educated..

and you sound like an un honest person one in the same that takes advantage of the system.

amazon is a multi- billion dollar company and has a million plus customer base. they were ranked number one in customer service which covers buyers and sellers obviously they are doing something right


obviously if usps is unreliable for u. use UPS and charge more shipping..


u have to be smart and cover your bases cause it can go both ways. if you send it back to the seller in a claim scenario with out ample tracking or proof and the seller states they didn't get it the claims department will deny the claim so you see the pendulum swings both ways


Even if you have tracking number showing delivery... if buyer says he never got it, you loose the claim. The only solution is signed receipt reflecting the same name as the receiver and that is very expensive service that no buyer would be welling to pay for!

what a joke...


yeah apparently amazon doesn't care about the sellers, from which they are actually making the money from. I say we should all just buy stuff on amazon and report it lost and make a claim.

Keep doing it so all sellers will be blocked. Let amazon lose all the sellers!!!