Amazon Is Worst Than My Bank! I did write a letter back on Friday, October 7th, 2016 and they 100% Ignored It, until about a week before my Small Claims Lawsuit Court Date.

Anyway, here is the Whole Story: I have been a victim of Amazon Online Fraud about one (1) year ago through Amazon and their company was able to take care of it for me, however, their Fraud Team obviously did NOT take enough precautions because about one (1) week ago (and we are talking about late September to very Early October of 2016, I suffered from their Amazon Fraud Again and when I reported it to their Customer Horrible Service Department, they told ME to just Change My Password and when I Changed The Password Over The Phone With One Of Their Representatives Still On The Line With Me, there were at least Two (2) More Fraudulent Charges Of Somebody Trying To Purchase Two (2) Additional $50.00 Dollar Gift Cards. Their Horrible, Non Caring Customer Service Department then tried to Freeze My Account until further notice and told me that they would Reverse The Fraudulent Charges Over The Phone On A Recorded Line and even give ME a Generous Credit Applied To My Account For The Harassment, Humiliation And Fraud That Occurred On My Amazon Account For No Good Reasons. The Reality: Sadly, the Fraud Charges have Not Gone Away and there is NO Generous Credit Of Any Amount Applied To My Account Either which I am Very Angry And Upset About to say the Very Least! Please NOTE: The situation has ONLY Got Worst!

Furthermore, maybe about one (1) week later, I re-checked my account again and also Noticed That There Are An Additional Three (3) $100.00 Dollar Fraud Charges that have just been applied to my online account without my permission or legal consent for the dates of: September 16, 2016 and August 25, 2016 and August 25, 2016. September 16, 2016 Gift card claim (claim code xxxx-xxxxxx-GG34) $100.00 August 25, 2016 Gift card claim (claim code xxxx-xxxxxx-AYHU) $100.00 August 25, 2016 Gift card claim (claim code xxxx-xxxxxx-JNL3) $100.00 I am beyond angry and upset because Amazon Has Allowed This Illegal Fraud To Go Through, Regardless Of How Many Times I Change My Password. Please NOTE: Since Amazon Did Not Reimburse Me For The Fraud Charges And Properly Apply An Acceptable Credit Of Compensation To My Account For The Negligence That They Recently Caused For The Second Time In A Row In One Full Year, I Did File A Small Claims Lawsuit Against Them at the Los Angeles Superior Court And Have Pictures And Screenshots To Show The Judge And I Can Also Subpoena The Past Records To Show Amazon's Past, Disgusting Continuous Negligence Of Allowing Fraud To Go Through And Continue As Usual. Amazingly, around Thursday, December 15th, 2016 which was one day before my Small Claims Court Date against Amazon, I did receive a voicemail from Ms.

Lizette Fernandez from Amazon's Legal Department (206 435 9880) lizettef @amazon.com who had several conversations with ME and despite all of my honesty and proof that I was a Victim Of Fraud, her response back to ME was that Amazon is Not Responsible For Any Type Of Fraud Resulting From Their Customers regardless of whether it was their fault or Not! I was very angry and she was unwilling to do anything, however, I did fax her all of my documents that I had for court since I was Not Able To Make It To Court since I am out of the country and am hoping that she will reimburse All Of My Money Back To Me, Once And For All and then we can go our own separate ways! Today is Saturday, December 17, 2016 and I am supposed to hear back from Ms. Lizette Fernandez from Amazon's Legal Department by this coming Friday, December 23, 2016.

If I do Not Get An Honest And Fair Resolution From Amazon about the Fraud Debits Being Reimbursed Back To My Account, then I will Refile The Small Claims Lawsuit again when I get back to Los Angeles by the beginning of August of 2017. No Problem!

For The Other Social Media Websites, I will enclose Pictures Of My Recent Gift Card Balance Statements for their reference and further review. Thank You.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Account.

Reason of review: they allowed $300.00 to be illegally stolen from my online amazon account without my password and they did NOTHING to stop it, even though i reported it right away!.

Monetary Loss: $300.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Amazon Pros: Stuff they sell on their website.

Amazon Cons: Allowed the fraud to go through my account for a 2nd time, October 7 2016 complaint letters went ignored for the most part, Filed a small claims lawsuit in order to grab their attention, Lizette fernandez legal said they dont protect fraud victims.

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Forget passwords, that obviously was an obstacle the thief had overcome. You should have immediately deleted your payment information and closed the account.

And canceled your cards with your bank and ordered new ones. It would be better to start a new Amazon account than to continue to change the password. It kept happening over and over. That should tell you something.

Unfortunately black hat hackers are ***. And put every security measure possible on all your accounts, like two factor authentication if possible.


Our company had an Amazon listing, and ALV Online almost scammed my customer. Watch out for ALV Online - they are a scamming company.


Your experience is like mine.


In the past, Toshiba was the best laptop. According to users and repair people, the quality has gone down.

Regardless of this fact, its legacy stellar reputation is still present. For this reason, this product became the focus of numerous scams on the Amazon website for the past three weeks. I lost $265 as the result. For your information, here are the details.


On February 3, 2017, I went to the Amazon website looking for a Toshiba laptop.

Listed as one of the third-party sellers was ALV-Online. It wanted $264 for the item. I purchased the laptop using the regular checkout procedure. The next day, the transaction was voided because of "technical problems." So I went back to the ad and read the notation.

I had to contact them on the product's availability because of a limited supply.

. So, the fraud began, ALV-Online replied that the company server was out, but the product was still available. For this reason, the normal Amazon purchase procedure was not possible. To effect the purchase, an alternative must be used.

I had to buy a gift card and validate the transaction by sending back the confirmation number. The redemption code was NOT GIVEN to the scammer. Nevertheless, the crooks were able to get the gift card code by using this limited information. A LOIS FISHER submitted the gift card code and received payment.

. Amazon eventually placed a HOLD on LOIS FISHER to prevent future illegal gift card submissions. Unfortunately, this was done after the scammers got my money. .

I expressed my concerns to Amazon, but it failed to respond. . 1. Amazon refused to refund me because the transaction and payment were conducted outside company guidelines.

What I did not understand was that Amazon was a participant in the fraud. It enabled this illegal activity by ALV-Online. It permitted a third-party seller on its official website. In fact on February 13, 2017, I did a search on the Amazon website for Toshiba laptops.

Listed as third-party sellers were several using the same identical scheme. . How can Amazon refuse financial responsibility when illegal activity was conducted on its website and by a third party seller, who was contracted? To add insult to injury, Amazon continues to permit similar internet fraud on its website, one and half weeks after the fact.

The irony is ALV-Online still a registered and recognized third party seller for Toshiba laptops. If you click the link to its name, it says that the company is committed to providing quality service to Amazon buyers. . 2.

As explained to me, third-party sellers on the Amazon website are required to follow Amazon guidelines. When one of them commits fraud, the only consequence is having his account closed. Most online companies like eBay, require their vendors to submit a credit card or line-of-credit from a bank. In cases of a consumer dispute, money is taken from their account and issued to the customer.

. As a responsible online merchant, why Amazon does not have these common sense safeguards? . 3.

ALV-Online is listed as a third-party seller with Amazon. During registration, it wrote a contract with Amazon in order to obtain this privilege. How can Amazon not able to do anything? It has all the necessary information on the company when it applied to be a third-party seller.

. After all the damage done, ALV-Online is presently a recognized third party seller and continues to be listed on several Toshiba laptop models.