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I signed up for Amazon Prime about 3 years ago and enjoyed much of their TV programming, and getting the majority of my Amazon orders via Prime, for free in 1 or 2 days. Since the first year at a cost of $99/annually the product has gone up in price over 50%.

Allegedly it was rising from $99/year to $119/year. Still doable until now they bill monthly. They need help in math as $12.49 (I believe) a month equals $149.88!! IT AIN'T WORTH IT!!

Programming quality has gone down fast and fewer and fewer products qualify for PRIME shipping in 1 -2 days. Far fewer items ship in that time frame and fewer still ship for free. Now they have all kinds of "fly by night" companies that not only offer low quality/overpriced products but no free returns. I didn't even realize as I was returning 3 items that were not AS ADVERTISED ON AMAZON.COM that one that cost $9.50 cost me almost $10 to return and I still haven't seen a refund after close to 10 days.

I have Netflix, HULU, Roku and a couple of other paid movie/TV providers I don't need Amazon anymore.


Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Prime Membership.

Location: Wilson, North Carolina

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I understand about being unhappy with a company for good reason and you do hate the place! However, I do order from Amazon all the time.

If my shipping is going to Be delayed I get the option of accepting the delay along with a dollar toward a book Purchase, video or book ( Kindle) rental. That’s a great deal, I bought a 10 book I had been wanting with those sorry delayed shipping dollars and.....the free amazon video , music and shipping are an incredible deal. They have had free upgraded music and kindle along with free premium channels during this quarantine Time. It is easy to mark at once not to extend beyond the free time so you aren’t charged and extra programming in regular amazon video to keep people mildly more content to be stuck in the house due to Covid...great deals for me and so agreeable about returns, I can’t complain, though I know how you feel And you don’t have to like them.

Such a great value and sorry you had problems! I hope you found a better shopping experience somewhere else!


Of course it is cheaper if you pay the yearly rate at once vs being billed monthly. That isn't hidden.

It is your bad planning. Quit whining.


Thanks for the info. I'll whine all I want I served in the USAF unlike 99% of the population.

They don't go out of their way to announce the options.

So at the end of the day it is MY REVIEW so if you don't like it follow the directions that follow. Now why not go and see if you can hold your breath underwater for an hour or so.....


Being in the USAF has nothing to do with proving your point. What it does prove is math is not your strong suit and when you air your ignorant ideas online we can tell you its stupid.