Dear Customer Service, to summarize the whole situation

A) I placed the order for different items on 4/9/21

B) I received a message from the seller of Nexium that my package will arrive bet. the 15th to the 20th of April

C) First package arrived on Time.

D) Second Package was delivered on Friday the 16th of April but the USPS delivery person did not leave the package at the front door like the first package( was not deliver by USPS) and he or she left my home with package

E) I contacted the Seller on Amazon site and USPS to re-deliver the package and I received a confirmation from the USPS to re-deliver the Package on Saturday 4/17/21 (See attachment)which it didn't happen I contacted the seller for the 2nd time

F) I stopped on Tuesday 4/20/21 by the USPS to Pick up the package they couldn't find the package inside the facility at the same day I called Amazon's Customer service to give them a briefing about the whole situation and I let them know that I'll be flying out from Albama-on the 4/20/21 in the Morning which was the last day of the time frame for the item to be deliver.

Last thing I would like to say if Amazon Customer services don't really care about their customers there is no need for me to continue doing business with Amazon, I have been a customer with Amazon for 15 yrs.




Location: Houston, Texas

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